Safe at home…

Sunday was 1 Syawal, Hari Raya Aidilfitri.

Every year, my cousin and his family would invite all of us to his open house but unfortunately, under the current circumstances, we felt it would be best to just sit this one out – #staysafe #stayhome. Hopefully, we can go back to our usual routine next year. We had a lot of leftovers in the fridge that morning so I insisted that we finished everything and we would decide later what we would have for dinner.

We have not been going to church at all ever since the MCO/partial lockdown started in mid-March but we have been following the services online – we usually go for the ones from the Cathedral of the Good Shepherd in Singapore. I don’t know whose voice that is but he sounds like Brian Richmond from the good ol’days of the infamous Patrick Teoh, Bernard Salosa and all the rest.

Well, that day, we participated in the service at around 12.00 noon and halfway through, my brother-in-law dropped by. One good thing about these online masses is you can click PAUSE and continue when everybody is ready. My missus went out to see and jokingly, I told my girl, “God has sent us our dinner!!!” True enough, he brought us some of the things that my sister-in-law’s Malay friends gave her for Hari Raya.

There was kelupis (glutinous rice wrapped in banana leaves) and peanut satay sauce…

Kelupis & satay sauce

…and roti canai and chicken curry…

Roti canai & chicken curry

…and there were these very nice cakes too…


My friend, Cikgu Siti, must have given my sister some kelupis too and she gave us one…

More kelupis

She also sent over some of the stuff from my aforementioned cousin and his wonderful wife. There was this chicken curry and some fried noodles…

Mee goreng & more chicken curry

…and ketupat lemak and some cakes as well…

Ketupat lemak and more cakes

…and this fried popiah rolls and maruku combo…

Fried popiah & maruku

…which was so very nice that by the time I was ready to take the photographs or everything, this was all that was left!

We could not share the joy of the festive season in person but we sure can celebrate together in spirit. Selamat Hari Raya Adilfitri Maaf Zahir Dan Batin to one and all! God bless always in the year ahead!

Author: suituapui

Ancient relic but very young at heart. Enjoys food and cooking...and travelling and being with friends.

8 thoughts on “Safe at home…”

  1. Oh, so there were two different containers of curry chicken? Really God sent – the dinner. So nice of your sister and brother-in-law to send the food over to you.

    Indeed, truly blessed. We had a bit of the curry and the satay sauce left, so much to eat, so very full so we kept for the next day.

  2. Like I always say, you are truly blessed to have all the wonderful people around you. Though you can’t go visiting, yet you can still enjoy all the Hari Raya goodies send to you at your doorstep. Isn’t that nice?

    Yes, so very nice. We sure had a delightful dinner that evening, thoroughly enjoyed ourselves.

  3. Wish I had people sending food to me too. I would love to try the roti canai and curry chicken. It has been a while since I last had it.

    We have chicken curry regularly, always cook our own but roti canai…I think the last time I had it was before COVID 19 struck! So long ago. Did not get to buy the frozen ones even. Gotta go for it one of these days.

  4. Wow, looks like you were all celebrating Hari Raya too.. so much Raya goodies to enjoy!

    Yes, Selamat Hari Raya!!! LOL!!!

  5. Not bad, able to enjoy some Malay food and delicacies this year. We totally stay at home this year for Raya.

    What I miss about Raya is daging masak hitam and cakes. Oh well, hope we can go visiting next year.

    Hubby’s colleagues didn’t send anything over? I saw the daging masak hitam from Opps at the nearby sindry shop – looked very good but I did not buy. The ladies in the house are not into masak hitam.

  6. roti canai and chicken curry can never go wrong, but if there’s pulut kuning that’d be even better!

    The one time I had pulut kuning was at a peranakan stall at a coffee shop near Jaya Supermarket in PJ, 1986. It was so nice. I would love to cook my own but ghee these days is absolutely hopeless. None of the ghee fragrance of the good old days! I don’t even bother to cook ghee rice (nasi minyak) anymore, not the same, not as nice.

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