Easier that way…

When I shared the photograph of my pulut hitam (black glutinous rice) dessert…

Pulut hitam dessert

…that day, a number of people were keen on knowing how to cook it.  Well, there’s nothing to it, really – it is so very easy and of course, it is a lot easier using a slow cooker instead of boiling and having to keep vigil at all times.

I had a look at this video clip on Youtube for a rough idea as to how to go about it. The guy said he was cooking one cup for one serving and since there were four of us that day, I cooked two cups and ended up with enough to feed an army. One cup is more than enough unless you are going to feed a multitude of 5,000! LOL!!!

It is best to soak the rice overnight…

Soak the rice

…but I forget to do that so I did what the guy said and soaked it for 3-4 hours when I got up that morning.

You will need some pandan leaves, knotted and sugar – I decided to use gula Melaka this time around in the hope that it will give it that distinct peranakan/nyonya dessert taste…

Pandan & gula Melaka

I only added a bit as I did not want it to be too sweet – you may add double that amount if you would like it sweeter. I also added around a teaspoon of salt, like what the guy did, though I do not know exactly why. LOL!!!

I drained the rice and rinsed it well and then, I put everything in the slow cooker, added a whole lot of water (like cooking porridge) and turned it on…

Cook in slow cooker

The guy in the video cooked his over a gas stove and he said that would take around an hour.

I went outside to do my gardening, my usual morning routine and when I came back inside around 2-3 hours later, it was done…

Pulut hitam, cooked

…all nicely swollen and bloated up. In some video clips that I saw, they suggested adding cornflour to thicken the soup. God forbid! It was thick enough as it was – I guess it must be the starchiness from the pulut.

If you want to serve it as a dessert at a party, lunch of dinner, you can add the santan (c0c0nut milk) just before you serve it, like what I did, so it will look nicer. Do not add too early as the soup may absorb the santan and it will end up looking kind of blotted.

However, if you are cooking it for your own home consumption, you can add the santan right away, half a can should be enough, mix well and it will look like this…

Pulut hitam, santan added

It did not taste any different from the last time I cooked it using regular cane sugar or if it did, I really could not tell.

See! I told you there’s nothing to it, so very easy to cook…and if I can do it, so can you.

Author: suituapui

Ancient relic but very young at heart. Enjoys food and cooking...and travelling and being with friends.

7 thoughts on “Easier that way…”

  1. So comforting to hv dessert like this, yums!

    Thanks for sharing the method to cook it.

    Nowhere can we find this outside in Sibu. At least, I know two places in Kuching…and I had it once at a nyonya stall in Penang. I wonder if there are any places serving this in Singapore.

  2. I love this comforting dessert and seeing how easy and hassle free using slow cooker, I think I will cook it soon. Used to buy it from the lady selling lek tau suan opposite Lau Ya Keng. Slow cooker is a good gadget to own. My rice cooker has a function for cooking porridge which I never try. I wonder if I can do it in the rice cooking too using the porridge function.

    I wouldn’t know – mine is an old school rice cooker, does not even keep warm.
    Oh? That let tau suan place at Carpenter! I did not manage to go back to eat that there – would have gone if I had known they have pulut hitam too. I love both!!!

  3. U got me at slow cooker!
    I love using it. Leaves me to be able to do other things without having to watch over it like a hawk.
    Gonna try this soon. Thanks for sharing!

    Used it for mung/green beans, so easy and so convenient – no need to stand there and keep watch. I hated it when it boiled over and made a mess of the cooker top. This one, I just switched on and went outside to do my gardening. When I came back inside, it was done!

  4. This reminds me of the pulut hitam that my mother cooked for me.

    Lucky you! My mother used to cook for me too but that was so long ago, bedridden for so many years and now no longer with us. Sad.

  5. Eh, I have some pulut hitam in my pantry. I think I shall give this a try hee…hee…

    Been cooking mung/green bean lately – will cook some more pulut hitam soon.

  6. Oh this is one of my favourite local desserts. I like the texture of the rice and just adore coconut milk.

    I love it too! Sadly, can’t get this anywhere in town – will have to go to Kuching.

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