When it was good…

When something is good, we would certainly want more of it. That was what happened when I made some som tum/ ส้มตำ (green papaya salad) that day.

We had a papaya in the house. When my missus brought it home from the shop, it was green so we waited for it to ripen. Eventually, it turned yellow so I thought it was all right to peel it and eat. Unfortunately, it was very hard, like an apple, even on the inside despite the fact that it was already turning red. That was why I decided to take some of it to make the som tum.

We had it for lunch that day and my girl said it was very nice. I only made enough for two meals so I told her that I would make some more the next day.

I cut the papaya into thin long strips and I took some of the Thai basil leaves in my garden and cut them thinly too…

Papaya and Thai basil leaves

I pounded 6 chilies, not those cili padi but the ones that are small too but  a little bigger, and 6 cloves of garlic before adding a handful of pre-soaked hay bee/udang kering (dried prawns)…

Pounded ingredients

…and some kacang tumbuk (crushed peanuts). Once I felt they were all pounded enough, I added some gula apong (nipah palm sugar) and squeezed the juice of 6 calamansi lime into the pounded ingredients and mixed well.

I added the paste to the papaya and Thai basil leaves…

Add the paste

…and made sure that I mixed everything together very thoroughly…

Mix well

All the papaya must be coated with the pounded ingredients.

Once done, I transferred everything into a container…

My som tum

…and kept it in the fridge, to be taken out come mealtime. It is all right eaten cold, just as nice, I would say.

Author: suituapui

Ancient relic but very young at heart. Enjoys food and cooking...and travelling and being with friends.

6 thoughts on “When it was good…”

  1. Looks like a great appetiser. No wastage on the papaya. I ever boil pork ribs soup with green papaya and I wonder if one can do the same with ripe papaya.

    It’s not ripe, just that it is red in colour. Still as hard as ever, don’t think it’s going to ripen since I’m keeping it in the fridge. A bit left, maybe I will cook it in our kampung sayur rebus style. Don’t think I’ve pork bones in the freezer.

  2. Beautiful salad. But not my cup of tea. Hehe.

    Oh? I wonder why. You’re not into acar timun? You get a lot of that at the Malay shops and stalls. More or less like that…but I thought it was something like my sambal buah emplam. Oooo…I miss that! Can’t go browse around the market these days – anyway, don’t think it is in season.

  3. Good idea! So that you won’t waste the papaya… either this dish or make pickled with vinegar and sugar… now I am salivating!

    Yes, somebody did suggest “jeruk” or pickles. I made a bit, not so popular – the ladies loved this som tum more.

  4. I love som tum! I must look for green papaya and make some to enjoy.

    We sure had our share of that! Finished the first batch in one day and made more, the second batch, lasted two days – 3 days in a row!

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