Another go…

I had one pack of the frozen-in-ice giant prawns, most probably from Sabah, left in the freezer, size 5A, 18 of them altogether and since we really enjoyed the tom yam goong that my girl cooked that day, we decided to have another go at it!

This was the paste…

Tom yam paste

she used…

One scoop

…a product of Thailand, marketed by this Sing Long Company in Singapore and these were the ingredients that went into the soup…

Other ingredients

Only the chili was pounded and the serai (lemon grass) bruised.

I don’t know what recipe the mum told her to follow but it seemed that she had to fry the heads, the shell and everything first so as to get that special fragrance before adding water for the broth…

the broth

After that, all the ingredients went into the broth, strained first, of course, including the prawns…


She added lime juice for that much coveted sourish taste and fish sauce, plus a bit of evaporated milk to make it creamy, just the way she likes it and she enjoys it with bihun

Tom yam goong, one more time

As for me, I am perfectly o.k. having that with rice.

We’ve run out of the paste and also the prawns so we shall have to buy some more the first opportunity we get…when we happen to go out. I guess everyone has heard by now that the MCO/partial lockdown has been extended till the 9th of June. Sobsssss!!!

Author: suituapui

Ancient relic but very young at heart. Enjoys food and cooking...and travelling and being with friends.

8 thoughts on “Another go…”

  1. Wah, the Tom yam noodles with prawns are so delicious! I will see if I can find sing long tom yam paste here if I ever go to supermarkets after 9 June 2020. I am ok with 9 June 2020. Just hoping my office allows me to work from home till then.

    I guess some places will be open after May 12th, dunno if all will bother. Quite troublesome, it seems…and if people still stay safe/stay home, there won’t be many customers.

  2. This dish itself can makes one eat extra bowls of rice. Haiz!!!….another month of lockdown to go.

    I’m ok with staying home but it’s quite inconvenient to go out to buy stuff. Very scary too because a lot of people behave like it’s any normal day, don’t care about social distancing at all! It seems rather crowded at a lot of places here.

  3. tom yum paste made in thailand, marketed via singapore, and cooked in sibu! looks as tasty as tom yum in bangkok 😀

    I had tom yum in Bangkok…a long long time ago. Don’t remember it to be this nice. Hehehehehe!!!! I remember one good one I had in the 80’s at Nelayan, Thai restaurant at Lake what’s the name now, Titiwangsa?

  4. My salivary glands are working after reading this post! LOL!

    Slurpsss!!! Will grab a bottle of the paste again should we happen to drop by that supermarket again, round the corner from my house. Haven’t been since the MCO!

  5. That is my favourite Thai dish! Tom Yum. So drooling right now

    Yes, we do enjoy it very much too…just that our favourite Thai place closed down and the other one ain’t as great. You will get a lot of soup, not much seafood inside.

  6. The thai restaurant in my neighbourhood has closed down or shifted before the CB. I miss having thai food near my house. Looking at your homemade tom yum makes me drool.

    I am sure there are lots of good ones in Singapore, not here. So sad.

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