Like any other day…

Last Sunday, the 26th of April, was my brother-in-law’s 67th birthday.

Every year, without fail, his daughter, my niece, working in Singapore would come home and we would go out for dinner to celebrate his special day but of course, this was not possible with the MCO partial lockdown this year. His daughter could not come home and no, we did not go out for dinner – all the restaurants are closed while some may be open for takeaways only.

No, we did not let it go by unnoticed…like any other day. My missus cooked his favourite chicken curry…

Chicken curry

…for him to enjoy and she also fried another of his favourite, omelette with lap cheong (Chinese sausage)…

Omelette with Chinese sausage

…too and when she sent the stuff over, my girl and I asked her to pass our ang paos to the birthday boy.

Coincidentally, their younger brother, the youngest in the family of four children, also celebrated his birthday on that very same day but being so far away – all the way in Bintulu, there was nothing much we could do – my missus did give him a call to extend our birthday wishes, that was all.

A few days later, my brother-in-law dropped by our house to give us these curry puffs…

Curry puffs from Farley

our favourite from Farley and also their banana cake and butter cake…

Banana cake and butter cake from Farley

…to reciprocate for the birthday treats and the ang paos. We thought the puff were not as nice as the ones before – it did not even look as nice. Maybe the one who used to make them had left…or had not been able to go to work owing to the lockdown and somebody had taken his place.

Anyway, thank you so much, David and a Happy Birthday once again to you two, the Ho Brothers. God bless always, cheers!!!

FARLEY BAKERY (2.265953, 111.863621) is located at the back of their supermarket/departmental store complex at No. 11, Lor Salim 17 off Jalan Salim and Jalan Tun Ahmad Zaidi Adruce.

Author: suituapui

Ancient relic but very young at heart. Enjoys food and cooking...and travelling and being with friends.

6 thoughts on “Like any other day…”

  1. Happy birthday to both your brother-in-laws. May they live long healthy n happy. Your wife is so nice to prepare the delicious dishes. The cakes and puffs do look very good though you say not as tasty as before. Let us all stay safe at home. Sarawak is wise not to follow federal decision on May 4.

    Thank you. Yes, especially when there are still red and yellow areas.

  2. Happy Belated Birthday to you BIL. Though this year Birthday celebration is a bit different for him, I guess he is still happy as he gets to enjoy his favourite chicken curry and lap cheong omelette. Banana and butter cake are also my favourite. I love the butter cake from Mita Cake House.

    Yes. Mita’s butter cake is da’ bomb, so very nice. This one here is quite good too but not up to that standard, the butter fragrance is less. The banana one was so-so, ok. Thanks for your birthday wishes.

  3. How sweet of your missus to cook the birthday boy’s two favorite dishes! Celebrations will be a muted affair this year.

    Especially when there are only the old folks left on their own at home. So sad.

  4. So nice of your wife to cook your brother in law favourite dishes to celebrate his birthday. Happy birthdays to both your brother in law. Both the curry chicken and lap cheong omelette look tasty!

    In what way was the puff not nice? Something to do with the pastry or the filling?

    The pastry was shortcrust, now it’s puff…and not nice and crumbly. The filling had a lot of meat, now mostly potatoes.

  5. Oh gee, the pastry on those curry puffs looks perfect.

    Yes, baked puff pastry. The pastry’s good and the filling tasted great too, just mostly potatoes, could hardly detect the meat.

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