See the signs…

I blogged about Rev. Monsignor Father Michael Lee’s organic compost here not very long ago when I started seeing signs that my plants were doing much better than before. Now, around a month later, it is quite clear that the compost is doing most of my plants a lot of good.

My spider plant has been around some three years now ever since my friend gave it to me. I’ve planted it here and there and yes, it survived but I have never seen it looking so good…

Spider plant

…until now.

These ferns…


…that I plucked from among the weeds growing wild along the fence at the back of the house are flourishing as well.

I got this oregano…


from another friend and I have never seen the leaves so big! They were not growing all that well but they did not die unlike the ones with the white borders that she also gave me as well.

She also gave me some mint and that too has been doing all right…


…never better!

At one time, there were some balsam plants, pink flowers, growing here and there in my garden. I don’t know where they came from – probably my missus got them from somewhere but eventually, they were not growing well and all of them just withered away. Not too long ago, I spotted a little seedling growing among my other plants and by now, it is much bigger and yes, the leaves are very big and looking good…


…and my kunyit (turmeric)…


…right beside it as well. I used the big leaves to wrap fish for baking in the oven but lately, they were way too small for that and they turned yellow way too soon and withered away. I sure am glad to see them coming back in all their glory.

My Thai basil has always been unpredictable but they are doing fine now…

Thai basil

…and sprouting seedlings all over. I do not need that much but I just let them grow. The flowers attract the small bees that hover around them every day and my dill beside it is doing very well too.

With the partial lockdown/Movement Control Order now extended till the end of April, I don’t think the Laudato Si’ Canteen is open so I guess one would have to wait awhile before he or she can go and buy this organic compost there.

Author: suituapui

Ancient relic but very young at heart. Enjoys food and cooking...and travelling and being with friends.

6 thoughts on “See the signs…”

  1. Your plants are doing very well! Good idea and suggestion by mun that you could try buying them online.

    Best not to buy anything online at the moment – saw people buying all kinds of things and I heard complaints the crucial medical supplies are stuck among all those unnecessary things, cannot process and clear. I did see an appeal, somebody in the courier line on Facebook asking people not to buy anything online unnecessarily.

  2. All your plants are growing so well with the organic compost. Thanks to it.

    Yes, so pleased to see that.

  3. I like Thai basil! They can go with many dishes.. fried rice, minced meat, eggplants… and easy to grow too. Add fragrance to the dishes..

    Yes, you find it in a lot of Thai and Vietnamese dishes.

  4. Your plants are looking very well and thriving! Compost does wonders. I swear by it!

    Wait till you see my spring onions. You will laugh till your teeth fall off! So jealous to see yours, so nice!

  5. I’ve been paying a bit more attention to our balcony garden. Fingers crossed the observations will pay off 😉

    I think they do need a bit of attention. It’s kind of therapeutic, a feel-good thing – somehow, watching them grow makes one happy.

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