Can’t stand it…

It is quite difficult to buy vegetables that we can keep for a long, long time. That was why on an earlier occasion, when I went out the nearby fruit and food stall, I bought a pumpkin, whole. That would probably last quite a while, I thought but what I did not expect was it would sit there on the counter in the kitchen like forever.

Blame it on my OCD (obsessive-compulsive disorder) but I simply cannot stand seeing things lying idle, say in the fridge, for ages so I started grumbling about it. Eventually, my girl said she would cook bingka labu with it if someone would cut it.

I loved the ones at my regular Malay kuih stall at Bandong here…

Bingka labu, Bandong

…and I would buy them to enjoy time and time again. I guess with the current partial lockdown/MCO, they are not open for business so I can’t just drive over to buy them or anything else for that matter like what I would do on normal days and even if they are, I am not all that keen on going out if I can help it, no, thank you.

When I got up the next morning, I got to work cutting up the pumpkin and boy, that sure was hard work! The skin was so hard! Thankfully, I did manage with a whole lot of effort and by the time everyone was up and about, it was all done, mission accomplished!

I don’t know what recipe my girl followed but she only used half of it and pretty soon, it was ready to go into the oven…

Ready to bake

…to be baked for around an hour.

Yes, it was very very nice…

Melissa's bingka labu

…very lemak (rich with santan/coconut milk) and so much nicer than the ones that I used to buy. I sent some to my sister and she sent word to my girl saying that she could make that when there is a food sale at the church. I guess that was her stamp of approval!

As for the other half of the pumpkin, my girl used it to make this very rich and creamy pumpkin soup…

Pumpkin soup

The mum used to cook this ever so often for her to bring to her school in the jungle and enjoy it there. Yes, I love it too but no, nobody had been making it for a while now and I thought they had grown bored of it. I guess the truth is…nobody wanted to go through the chore of cutting the pumpkin. Hmmm!!!

Now, at least I do not have to see the pumpkin sitting there staring at me day in and day out! LOL!!!

Author: suituapui

Ancient relic but very young at heart. Enjoys food and cooking...and travelling and being with friends.

7 thoughts on “Can’t stand it…”

  1. I like pumpkin but seldom buy whole due to the same reason. The skin is really hard. Usually bought those already cut into small 1/4 size. Love it cook with cangkuk manis.

    Yes, very nice, masak sayur rebus with cangkok manis. I think it is nicer than sweet potatoes. Next time I buy, I’ll ask the guy to cut into halves or quarters.

  2. Wow! Melissa is so talented. I love to eat pumpkin any food. Was salivating looking at her pumpkin kuih and soup. Yummy! How did you send some to your sister?

    I drove over, not far – Sibu is a very small town and I did not stop by anywhere, not a problem. Sometimes, I bring my cars round the neighbourhood too to recharge the batteries – my mechanic said just starting and letting the engines run, no matter how long, is not enough. I get very put off to see so many cars on the road like on any normal day.

    1. maybe all the cars on the road are doing what you are doing, driving around to recharge their cars’ batteries.

      Maybe but out on the main roads. I usually stick around my neighbourhood/housing estate, go round and round, hardly any cars.

  3. I am not familiar with pumpkin too. But did use and cook it few times during MCO. I also having trouble slicing through the hard skin.

    Your girl’s pumpkin soup looked so good. I initially planned to cook this too but my pumpkin turned spoiled so I had to throw it away. The leftover pumpkin from my one pot pumpkin rice; and pumpkin and mung beans soup.

    Spoiled? I thought they would last forever? Pumpkin rice? I wonder what that is like, never tried that.

  4. I can see that your girl’s pumpkin kueh has high content of pumpkin. Wish I could have a slice!

    …and very lemak too, not lembek-lembek like many of those sold at the stalls, all flour. 😦

  5. Good use of your pumpkin, making kuih and pumpkin soup. The kuih looks so tasty that i can have many pieces in one go!

    Both very good, mighty pleased.

  6. Pumpkin is one of my fav veggies.

    If only it is easier to cut. Harder than durian – ripe durian, you drive a sharp metal (I use my stainless steel butter knife) through the “eye” at the bottom and it will open like a flower!

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