Like this…

Annie’s brother, David, is very innovative and creative. Instead of sticking to just one recipe day in and day out, he works on coming out with new variations other than the ones with kuchai (chives) or the ones like xiao long pao. The son, Anson, dropped by my house again the other day to pass me these…

Uncle Q Dumplings, with cabbage

…David’s latest creation, with cabbage in the filling and he asked me to try to see if I would like his dumplings like this.

Anson said that his father suggested eating them pan-fried so I asked my girl to do it. She loves these dumplings and years ago when she was in Wellington, New Zealand, she would buy those frozen ones from the supermarkets and following the instructions on the packaging, she would fry them herself in her apartment there.

Firstly, she poured some water in the pan and to that, she added two tablespoons of cooking oil…

Water and oil

When it had started simmering, she put in the dumplings, bottoms down…

Dumplings in

…and covered the pan with a lid. The evaporating water would cook the dumplings…

Dumplings, cooked

…while the oil would brown the bottom and make it fragrant and crispy…

Bottom, nicely browned and crispy

…just the way she liked it.

We had them…

Uncle Q dumplings for lunch

…for lunch that day. The ladies enjoyed them very much but ranked them at No. 2 after the ones with kuchai (chives). It had a strong ginger taste and I’m not a fan of ginger but eaten with my missus’ blended chili, garlic and lime dip, I must say that I did like it too.

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7 thoughts on “Like this…”

  1. I like both ways, steamed and pan fried. I never know one need to put some water in the pan before adding oil to pan fried the dumplings. I would love it.

    The steam from the water will cook the dumplings so the bottom is pan-fried, the top is steamed.

  2. Looked good. I prefer pan fried while my man likes it steamed. Vinegar and sliced chilli is great dipping for it.

    I’m ok with both. Love them in soup too, maybe I can try cooking that one of these days.

  3. I love dumplings, I usually pan fry them like this and then add water to steam too.

    My missus does it differently, don’t know how she does it. This way is good, bottom nice and crispy, top soft and cooked, absolutely perfect.

  4. More dumplings. Yum! But no cabbage for me please. LOL!

    You just had one. I bought another one – yet to start eating it though. LOL!!!

  5. I think both cabbages or chives i will like since generally i love to eat dumplings. Pan fried or steamed also ok.

    My girl loves them but she prefers pan-fried.

  6. Oh my. I sure would love to try those dumplings.

    Glad that my friend has been sending me those to try, can get to enjoy them without having to make our own or going out to buy.

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