Round and round…

I made some meat balls the other day and these were the ingredients I used…

Meat balls, ingredients

– some minced meat, one Bombay onion chopped till really fine, 6 cream crackers crushed (in place of bread crumbs) and an egg as the holding agent. I added a bit of salt and pepper and mixed everything together thoroughly.

After that, I rolled a bit of the mixture in my hand, round and round, to make the balls…

Meat balls, rolled

My missus would usually make them smaller but I like them big.

I heated the oil in a pan and fried them till golden brown…

Meat balls, fried till golden brown

…and yes, they were very nice. My girl loved the use of crushed crackers – she said that they were not as hard as the mum’s. The mum would use meat and onion only and sometimes, she may add prawns as well.

I did not make any sauce for the balls – no more IKEA sauce in the house and I did not feel like making the sweet and sour sauce either so we just dipped in tomato or chili sauce and ate them just like that. Seeing how my girl enjoyed them so much, I just ate a few and let her enjoy most of them.

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8 thoughts on “Round and round…”

  1. I never used crushed crackers too. Sounds interesting. Best to eat with Thai chilli sauce.

    Can give it a try. We’ve run out of Thai chili sauce in the house, just my missus’ super hot ABC one – I am not fond of that, the taste is different.

  2. I making meatballs yesterday too. Since Jamie is allergic to egg, no egg in my mixture.

    Did you add crackers too?

    1. No. But sometime I add breadcrumb. Something similar to crushed cracker I guess. Normally just mince meat, garlic, mushrooms and dried prawns/fresh prawns.

      Yes, the recipe I saw long ago used bread crumbs but we do not have that in the house. Even things coated with bread crumbs, I would use crushed crackers too. Maybe even nicer as bread crumbs do not have much taste. Wow! So many things in your meatballs.

  3. Your meatballs are so beautifully browned. I have never thought of adding crushed cream crackers. Must try that next time.

    I think the original recipe I followed long ago used bread crumbs. I’ve used Julie’s cheese crackers before too, also o.k. I always use crushed crackers instead of bread crumbs, no need to stock any in the house.

  4. Oh add in cream crackers? Good idea! Next time I might just add that too! Hope I can remember by then… LOL…

    I just saw a recipe on Facebook suggested by Ayam Brand, meat balls using tuna. Yes, bread crumbs are in their list of ingredients too…but I will stick to my crushed crackers.

  5. i like these sort of meatballs that have a lot of distinct textures in each mouthful! 🙂

    Very nice and easy to make. Will surely make more seeing how my girl loved them so much.

  6. It’s been ages since I last made meatballs but I like that you can make a double batch and freeze them for later.

    I think I will make some more one of these days – IKEA has shared toe recipe for (the meatballs and) the gravy.

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