Me and my girl…

Yes, my girl and I certainly have been keeping ourselves occupied while being cooped up at home all this while and of course, we have been cooking quite a bit, some new things, some old, for breakfast, lunch or dinner.

I cooked these French toast…

French toast

…one morning and I went for the savoury ones but unfortunately, they did not go down well with the ladies in the house – they prefer the sweet version and since then, my missus had made them twice already and both times, they were gone in no time at all.

My girl made these lovely baked rolls…

Melissa's baked rolls

…using some leftover popiah skin in the freezer and they really turned out well.

She had potatoes and egg in her filling, cooked with chopped Bombay onions, a bit of curry powder, cumin and parsley…

Melissa's baked rolls, filling

…and it was really nice.

She also cooked this lovely dish of sotong masak kunyit (turmeric squids)…

Melissa's sotong masak kunyit

…with the mum’s guidance and supervision. She had never cooked it before so my missus had to show her the ropes. Prawns or chicken would taste just as nice if cooked this way.

On another morning, I cooked this Bovril mee sua

Bovril mee sua

…for our breakfast.

There is only a little bit left in the bottle, probably enough for one last round so I went to one of the shops near my house that usually had a lot, Bovril and Marmite but the shelves were clean. All sold out, the boy said and no new stock at this point in time. Annie was home for a while when the school holidays just started and she said that she managed to get a jar from that very popular supermarket in town. Unfortunately, I heard from a friend that they were all sold out too. Gee!!! Talk about panic buying, even at that price!

Another thing that is nowhere to be found right now is this canned clams in soya sauce. In fact, it has been so for a long time now. Sometime ago, my aunt was telling me that she went searching high and low for it but could not find any, not a single can so I generously gave her two of mine, keeping one for myself while hoping that I would be able to buy some more once available.

Well, I used that solitary can in my pantry to fry some bihun in what some call  the Hinghua style…

Fried bihun with canned clams in soya sauce & Brazilian spinach

…and because I did not have cangkok manis in the house, I used the Brazilian spinach from my garden instead. From the look of things, I don’t think we will get more of these canned clams for a long long time.

We have been very very good so far – we have not gone out to buy takeaway food and we have not had any delivered to our doorstep either. Stick around for more of our own homecooked delights!

I dropped by the fruit and food shop round the corner from my house the other day and lo and behold! I was delighted to see that they had those aforementioned canned clams in soya sauce so I quickly grabbed 6 cans to keep – I am sure they will be sold out in no time at all and who knows when I will ever get to see them again!

Author: suituapui

Ancient relic but very young at heart. Enjoys food and cooking...and travelling and being with friends.

6 thoughts on “Me and my girl…”

  1. Have not seen this Sunstar brand clams in soya sauce for the longest time. Have been searching high and low for it too. All looks so good especially the sotong masak kunyit.

    None at the bigger shops/mini-supermarkets in my neighbourhood, so happy to see them at the little sundry shop. Don’t think it will last very long though, sure sold out in no time at all…and at a time like this, dunno when the next stock will come. A friend asked me yesterday if I wanted any, the brother bought 48 cans from the supplier – must be one whole box…but I had already bought 6, more than enough for the time being.

  2. Potato and egg popiah. Nice. I used potato before for my filling never add egg.

    Good to be busy and stay active during this time. Or time really fly so slow. Lol.

    Hinghua bihun. Tasted once in Sibu. My sil treated me. I havent tasted simce back here. Still have a pack of bihun in my pantry. Either to cook Sarawak laksa again or fry it when I got that Sunstar canned clams. 🙂

    I still have half a pack of the laksa sambal from that day in the freezer – not going to cook again so soon. Yes, they do sell Hinghua bihun at a number of places in Sibu. I hardly ever go to try as I can cook my own. I plan to have popiah one of these days…if I can get hold of some mangkuang/sengkuang. Lots of time on my hands to do these things.

  3. You are all sure cooking up a storm at home! Very nice to see what came out of the kitchen 🙂 It has been ages since I had French toast. Bread is a precious commodity right now. My partner told me the shelves were empty save for those sweet bread with chocolate/raisins. I prefer wholemeal and luckily I still have a few slices in the freezer.

    I read about people fighting for Gardenia, so hard to get at this point in time. No problem here. All the bakeries are open. I will just pick up those that I see at the shops near my house, store in the fridge, will last a long time.

  4. Your hinghua style beehoon looks yum, yes they usually have clams in that. I used to cook french toast to eat when i was young. We usually add bovril to white porridge.

    It has to be these canned clams in soya sauce – no others will do.

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