Loved you before…

I remember a long time ago, probably way back in the 90’s, this was my favourite brand when it came to instant noodles…

Myojo instant noodles

I think they had the curry flavour too which was good as well but one fine day, they all disappeared from the shelves, never to be seen again.

The packaging wasn’t so nice then but the name was the same and though it sounded quite Japanese, it was a Singapore product. It still is but like many products from the island republic, it is made in Indonesia…

Made in Indonesia

– I guess the labour costs and everything are cheaper there. Perhaps this company (which has some other types of instant noodles and other products that are nice too) bought over the old one and has resumed production – that is why it is back in the shops.

One fine day, my missus came home from the neighbourhood shop with those and I took a packet to try. Yes, it was still very nice so when I was shopping for stuff to keep in the house during our partial lockdown/MCO, I grabbed a pack of these noodles as well.

It kind of tastes like our made-in-Sibu ones, the chicken flavour, but it does not have the sachet of shallot oil inside…

Myojo instant noodles, inside

…even though it’s around double the price, just that one with the seasoning. My missus has no complaint about the texture of this one – she doesn’t like the Sibu ones – tastes like biscuits, she says. Well, it was a biscuit factory before it switched to instant noodles and theirs may be eaten as a snack just like that, no need to cook.

I cooked a packet again the other morning…

Myojo instant noodles, chicken abalone flavour

…and had it with the leftover luncheon meat from the sandwiches we had the day before and I fried an egg to go with it as well and yes, it was nice but I found it a little saltier than the Sibu one. Perhaps it would be a good idea to add more water or just use half of the seasoning in the sachet.

Author: suituapui

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7 thoughts on “Loved you before…”

  1. I had some stock of myojo instant noodles in my kitchen. They have vegetarian instant noodles too. Nice!

    I vaguely recall seeing the vegetarian ones before with light apple green borders, not sure if I tried.

  2. If I were to buy I would only buy Mee Daddy and Maggi. I don’t think I have ever buy this brand before. Your bowl of instant noodles looks appetising with the added egg and luncheon meat.

    I don’t like Maggi, the texture of the noodles, the taste…but only the ones here. My friend in NZ gave me a few packets and I cooked and ate them in Wellington, so nice! Maybe everything tastes nicer in cooler climates.

  3. So many brands in market, I forgot about this brand. Bought and tasted before but somehow I dislike the smell and taste.

    Now either Maggi, Mee Sedap or Indomie in my pantry.

    No Maggi for me, see my reply to Irene. Will buy Mee Sedaap because it is cheap…only RM2 something for a pack of 5, others RM3 and above. My missus likes the soto ayam, not me – not crazy about the smell. Indomie mee goreng, grown tired of it eventually, will not think of buying anymore.

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