Not my style…

This is my favourite brand when it comes to luncheon meat…

Porkies luncheon meat

…and it is inexpensive too despite being a product of Denmark. Ever since I stumbled upon this brand, I never bothered about the other expensive imported ones and of course, I would not give those from China a second glance.

I gave my friend Annie in KL when she was home in Sibu once and ever since then, everytime she came back, she would cart at least a dozen cans back to enjoy.

Usually, I would fry it with egg and Bombay onions for our meals, lunch and dinner but that morning, since I had some bread in the house, I decided to open a can and cook. I cut them into slices and fried them on a non-stick pan…

Luncheon meat, pan fried

As far as I know, you can find luncheon meat (probably the made-in-China ones) cooked like this at the mixed rice (chap fan) places and more often than not, they would coat the slices with a bit of egg.

I toasted the bread and cooked some scrambled eggs to go with it and served with sliced tomato and lettuce…

Luncheon meat with scrambles eggs, tomato & lettuce

I prefer my scrambled eggs soft and creamy and yes, I did add a bit of butter and Parmesan cheese to it. Normally, I would add a pinch of salt and pepper but these add-ons would be salty enough and the luncheon meat likewise.

No, no, I did not eat it like that – that’s not my style. I’m not a classy person – elegance is not my middle name. LOL!!! I just took two slices of toast, placed a slice of the luncheon meat in between and stacked up the egg, the tomato and lettuce…held it in my hands and ate. Yum yummm!!!! That sure was good and besides, that way, I could stretch it a bit and have two luncheon meat sandwiches, just a slice in each of them.

Author: suituapui

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14 thoughts on “Not my style…”

  1. Your style looks good .
    Yes, no thanks to those Made In China ones !

    Except for Gulong, I did not come across any nice ones…not that I’m keen on buying, not at all.

  2. My favourite brand too. Quite pricey if there is no promotion, around RM8. 50 a tin but before CNY, there was a good promotion and I manage to get it at RM7 per tin but limit 3 tins per person. I grab 6 tins (me 3 and hubby 3). Usually I will fry with big onions and egg as a dish.

    Yes, around RM8.50 – I will just buy at that price, still cheap as the popular imported ones like SPAM, Tulip are all way over RM10.00. Price may vary between places but I don’t bother. I think Annie’s mum got some once for only RM6 but the supermarket is so far away, the other side of town.

  3. My favourite too. Happen that I also fried them with bacon and eggs for sandwich this morning.

    I think I also got to know this brand from you when I was in Sibu. It was around RM7 then. Back to Kuching, the cheapest also RM7. 50. But now all selling over RM8. Definitely cheaper than the other imported brand, T.

    My pantry has never short of this supply. 🙂

    You’re like me, always one or two in the pantry. I buy from the shop near my house, RM8.50 – more expensive than most but more convenient for me. We do not cook so often even though my girl loves it as my missus is not a fan.

  4. I just checked your egg & bombay onion style of preparing luncheon meat, something to try perhaps 😀

    We always had it like that in my growing up years and we still do!

  5. Wow, your sandwich looks good! I don’t see this brand over here in Ipoh, the other day I bought two cans of Spam.. i think it cost around RM18 for each.

    Yes, the prices keep going up! I can’t afford to eat it anymore.

  6. Your luncheon meat is so perfectly fried. Eaten as an peon sandwich with creamy scrambled eggs is very ideal. I like!!!

    I didn’t eat it open though, made a regular sandwich, just a slice of the luncheon meat in each of them. Yum yummmm!!!!

  7. Wonder if we have porkies brand luncheon meat in our supermarket. Luncheon meat sandwich with soft and creamy scramble egg, tomato and lettuce! Perfect!

    Probably. Anyway, SPAM , Tulip and all the expensive brands here will not be that expensive in your currency, I’m sure.

    1. Don’t seem to see porkies brand in our supermarket but mili brand is popular in sg.

      We don’t have that here, just Mili corned beef, not bad but not my favourite…and not that cheap too.

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