Whole thing…

One fish that we like a lot is ikan lajong. It is a river fish – some say it is a member of the catfish family and the scientific name is phalacronotus apogon. I can’t remember when we first had it but since then, there had been no turning back. We would order that time and time again at the restaurants – if they have it, that is.

Of course, it does not come cheap, not at all and if they serve you the whole thing, it will surely burn a hole in your pocket. We had half of it once, either the head…

Lajong, head

…or the tail…

Lajong, tail

…and I had to fork out RM62.00 for the latter but we thought there was enough for a table of 10 at a Chinese sit-down dinner.

If it is small, it may be more affordable, like this…

Lajong, small

…was only RM29.00. Sometimes if the fish is very big, they will cut it into slices and that is what you will get…

Lajong, slices

…but no, don’t expect it to be a lot cheaper. That was RM28.00 for two small slices – they were very much smaller than what you see in the photographs and these three slices…

Lajong, three slices

…were a whooping RM40.00 for three slices!

It certainly would be a whole lot cheaper if you buy your own – sometimes, if you’re lucky, you may come across this fish at the wet market. I bought 5 small ones and we had them steamed…

Steamed lajong homecooked

…one at a time, enough for 5 meals altogether, and I only paid RM30.00 for the whole lot!

Unfortunately, they were frozen that morning and the lady could not clean it for me and I had to do it all myself. Actually I do not mind buying fish that is frozen despite the chore of having to clean them myself – I would bury the insides under my rambutan tree, natural fertiliser.

If I am not wrong, the fishmongers have to defrost the fish for sale each day and if they remain unsold, they would have to freeze it again and defrost it again the next morning – I cannot imagine how many times the fish has to undergo this process before somebody buys it. However, if it is frozen, it may be heavier so you may have to pay more because of that. Heads, they win, tails you lose!

Well, that was the last one of the five that I bought – I don’t know when I will come across any again. Just a week left if they do not extend the partial lockdown/MCO further and hopefully, I shall be able to go out and browse around the wet market. Who knows I may stumble upon some ikan lajong again!

Author: suituapui

Ancient relic but very young at heart. Enjoys food and cooking...and travelling and being with friends.

5 thoughts on “Whole thing…”

  1. Even if I have seen this ikan lajong in the market, I would not know as I have very little knowledge of fish names. I only know the common ones I used to buy like tenggiri, bawal hitam and putih, belt fish, ork pek, tilapia, ngo hu to name a few. All those colorful fishes and those with lots of bones like chi kak scar me off.

    I think those are all sea fish except perhaps, for tilapia. I love them all!!!

  2. I am longing for fish but no more in my freezer! Sobsss…

    I still have two terubok and another fish my missus bought – ate part of it already that day, dunno the name. Gotta go and stock up some more.

  3. Hope we get to be free next week. No more extension. Now I am going to wet market once a week, unlike twice a week on normal days.

    Once a week! I avoid the market, no social distancing there and quite a lot of people.

    So far I only went out twice – once because I gave away a lot of our stocked-up stuff to the hospital when there was an appeal for donations. I’d stick to my neighbourhood shops, just once to the supermarket in town, didn’t like the situation there – in tomorrow’s post.

  4. I am not very good with fish types and fish names. I only know the common ones like grouper, dory, pomfret, ngor hee and red snapper.

    Neither am I. Just the ones that I like, dunno all the rest.

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