Enjoy it while it lasts…

Yes, my girl has been busy in the kitchen cooking all kinds of dishes while the mum supervises what is going on, telling her the do’s and the don’ts and what not and yes, she does seem to be enjoying it all even though so far, they are all Asian dishes, not those western ones that she would usually cook before.

Her attempt at making apam balik

Melissa's apam balik

…for tea one day did not turn out all that successful. She wanted to make those very thin and crispy ones but I think she added too much batter and they ended up like pancakes. Never mind, they were very nice so we ate it all up – nothing went to waste.

Her spare ribs with black beans…

Melissa's spare ribs with black beans

– one of those items that you may find at a dim sum buffet, was a hit! I would say that it was nicer than any that I had had at a dim sum place anywhere.

This was the fried broccoli…

Melissa's fried broccoli ching chao

ching chao (fried plain with garlic) that she cooked to go with the aforementioned meat dish. The mum went out around a week earlier to stock up on the vegetables in the house and it was already turning yellow at the top and that part had to be shaved and thrown away (like how cauliflower would turn black). They sure do not last very long, do they?

On another day, she cooked this nasi tomato (tomato rice)…

Melissa's nasi tomato

…and the ayam masak merah (red cooked chicken)…

Melissa's ayam masak merah

…and both were top notch. The spices added to the rice made me think of nasi Arab but because of the lockdown/MCO, I don’t know when I will be able to go out to try the ones we have at a couple of places in town.

Now, this was the dish that stole the show…

Melissa's sambal ikan bilis & kentang

– her sambal ikan bilis & kentang (dried anchovies and potatoes in sambal). Except for the ones in curry (and maybe in Chinese soup), I would usually associate potatoes with western cuisine but this was so very very nice. I sure wouldn’t mind more of it, that’s for sure.

My girl also said that there was an Indian uncle at the food stalls across the road from her teacher training institute in Sg Petani, Kedah who cooked very nice potatoes in sardines. Well, we have not started on our canned food yet – still saving them, just in case but when we do start on those, we may give it a try.

There are still 10 days to go till the 14th – hopefully, the lockdown will end then – which means that there is ample time for my girl to go on cooking and enjoy it while it lasts. Once school reopens, I am quite sure she will not have the time for it anymore.

Author: suituapui

Ancient relic but very young at heart. Enjoys food and cooking...and travelling and being with friends.

8 thoughts on “Enjoy it while it lasts…”

  1. Wow, so much delicious food cooked by Mel. Your tummy are well taken off by the ladies in the house. For the time being, hands off for you. I love the spare ribs with black beans and ayam masak merah.

    Yes, I just eat! But today, I cooked laksa – post on that coming soon.

  2. From the looks of that apam balik, it looks more like the traditional peanut-filled mee chang kuih – so it’s not entirely an unsuccessful attempt. 🙂

    It is? That’s what it’s called there. Here, in Chinese, it is “ban chiang koi”. No, it wasn’t, just not like the thin and crispy type.

  3. i actually like the thicker sort of apam balik – so your family’s experiment looks like a satisfying one for me! 🙂

    Yes, it’s like the thick type except around the sides. Nice too, we all enjoyed it.

  4. Wonderful! Her apam balik looks like the real deal bought from outside. I actually prefer the thick ones. Ayam masak merah with nasi tomato is a very delicious combination. I must cook that too!

    Yes, the two seem to go together all the time at the Ramadan stalls. Sobsssss!!! Cancelled this year, nothing to look forward to now.

  5. That spare ribs look so good!

    Yes, it was. My girl has been doing well in the kitchen…so far. Fingers crossed, it will all turn out well and I will have more lovely dishes to enjoy.

  6. Ohh that spare ribs with black beans is my favourite dimsum treat

    Yes, I will always order that too. I enjoy a lot of the selections at dim sum – dunno when I can go for that again, we’re under a partial lockdown here at the moment.

  7. I have had quite a few kitchen mishaps since the MCO began. 😉

    Oh? You don’t cook that regularly, I guess. So far, my girl’s doing great except for that apam bailik which wasn’t what we wanted actually. Thankfully, it tasted great.

  8. Wow your girl takes after her dad, you! Can cook so well. Give me those spare ribs with black beans! Yums!

    The mum’s a lot better. The dad, can cook to save his own life only. LOL!!!

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