I’ve had quite a bit of success cooking poached eggs before and I must say that no matter how they turned out, my attempts were never as disastrous as this one…

Poached egg disaster

…at one supposedly fine dining café here.

Well, if you check out the youtube videos, there are those that tell you to add salt or vinegar or cooking oil and the eggs must be super fresh. I came across one where the lady cooked poached eggs without all those things and she did it a little differently (I can’t seem to locate it now so I can’t link it here) and the other morning, I decided to give it a try.

Firstly, I filled the saucepan with a bit of water…

Water starting to boil

– not too much as I wouldn’t want the egg to go swimming all over the place. Now, while all the rest would wait till the water had started boiling vigorously, the lady said that as soon as she saw some bubbles in the water, that would be the time to put in the egg.

I broke an egg, straight from the fridge, into a bowl and poured it in…


They say one must do that and not break the egg and let it drop into the water straight from the shell. The lady did not say anything about stirring the water but I did it anyway, just a bit.

I stirred the water gently too while the egg was cooking and folded the bit of floating egg white around it and yes, I did splash the water over the yolk (gently) to accelerate the cooking. Once done, I took it out using this special ladle with a sieve…

Egg, done

…meant for fishing out the jetsam and flotsam when simmering bone soup.

Yes, it was nicely done with the egg yolk still runny…

Runny egg yolk

I guess those of you who are not so fond of it that way can just cook a little longer till the yolk becomes hard, something like that in hard boiled eggs.

I cooked a packet of instant noodles that morning and had the poached egg with it…

Instant noodles with poached egg

Anybody keen on giving it a try?

Author: suituapui

Ancient relic but very young at heart. Enjoys food and cooking...and travelling and being with friends.

7 thoughts on “Poached…”

  1. Good that you try until you perfected it! thumbs up! I can’t bring myself to eat runny yolk so no need to try though I can if I want to join the race. Cooked it for other people to eat. lolx!

    Can cook it in many other ways, much nicer even…unless you need it for your Egg Benedict.

    1. Egg Benedict? I seldom eat that.

      You wouldn’t like it cos the egg is runny but I love that, with the Hollandaise sauce poured all over it but being a meat person, the ham or bacon or own-made sausage by the side is an added attraction.

  2. I always failed big time in poached egg. Try few times and now I give up and surrender.

    Not worth the trouble. Just drop the egg into the pot while cooking instant noodles – that’s poached egg too, so very easy.

  3. i’ve never poached an egg perfectly before in my life, so i definitely need more practice on this! 🙂

    This method worked very well. I think I will just do it like this from now on. The egg turned out great but as with all poached eggs, there were bits of the white left in the water – I thought that was a waste.

  4. I am sure going to try it since I have so much time on my hands hee..hee…

    All the masterchefs in the making – everybody’s cooking and sharing photos on Facebook. LOL!!!

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