I think…

This was on the morning after I got, through the kind courtesy of Annie, my friend in KL, the lovely jiaoxi/shui jiao (meat dumplings) that her brother made for sale at RM14.00 for a pack of 15.

I was outside the house doing my gardening when I heard someone calling. I turned and saw it was Anson, Annie’s nephew – her brother’s son. It sure caught me by surprise as I was so engrossed in my work that I did not hear nor see the car. He was delivering to me two more packs of the dumplings…

Shui jiao, xiao long bao recipe

…but his dad had made them differently this time around and he wanted me to try and see what I think.

I checked my Facebook messages and yes, he did PM me to tell me about them. He modified the recipe for xiao long bao (小笼包) to make this batch so inside, there was the little bit of the nice soup that one would usually find in those steamed buns…

Shui jiao, xiao long bao recipe - inside

…and he even added a prawn to the meat filling!

Yes, it was delicious and I liked how the soup was not too gingery – that is one thing I do not like so much when eating xiao long bao. However, my missus missed the koo chai (chives) in the ones we had the day before and when it comes to these dumplings, my girl prefers the pan-fried ones.

For one thing, I did oil the plate (I will always do that when steaming dumplings, our sio bee, for instance) first before steaming – Annie’s brother did specify that I must steam, not pan fry because of the soup inside. Unfortunately, the skin of some of them got stuck to the plate…

Shui xiao, xiao long bao recipe - steamed

…and came apart so all the soup was lost. Maybe I did not add enough oil or perhaps, we did not steam them right, I wouldn’t know…and I was wondering how come Annie’s brother did not make them looking like xiao long bao so he would be able to sell them as those instead of them looking like jiaoxi on the outside. Of course whatever they looked like did not matter much to us – what was most important was they were very nice and we did enjoy them.

Thank you so much to Annie’s brother for letting me have a go at these and thank you once again to Anson for going through the trouble of sending them over to the house.

Author: suituapui

Ancient relic but very young at heart. Enjoys food and cooking...and travelling and being with friends.

10 thoughts on “I think…”

  1. Wow, I love both types of meat dumplings but the prawn ones will definitely taste better. Steamed or pan fried is fine with me.

    I’m o.k. with both ways of cooking too, provided the dumplings are nice. We have bought some frozen ones from the shops before, not nice at all and in the end, nobody wanted to eat.

  2. Hi Author
    Thanks for the real comment , why didn’t do like xiao long bao style is due to xiao long bao the best is do same time, steam and have it. If frozen and steam than the taste will be different. That why me change some become jiao Zhi so other people also can try and feel like eating xiao long bao .

    Xiao long bao due to too many meat so eat more you will feel no nice anymore (personal feel )

    Anyway I will do some other style . Once finish will give you some to try


    I am not into xiao long bao though a lot of people love it but these, I did enjoy very much. Your filling and soup are nicer and the skin is good too.

    Oh? Next time, I must pay for the dumplings, cannot eat free all the time, so shy!

    1. at least someone willing help to try and give the real comment so that i can improve more

      Most happy to do that, of course! Anytime! LOL!!!

  3. Added prawns to minced meat is nice. I also do that when I roll meatballs at home. Learnt from my man who learnt from his colleague when he stayed in Sri Aman.

    Nice of Annie’s brother to give you the dumplings.

    Can’t go wrong with prawns. My missus will mince the prawns and add to the minced meat like when she makes her ngor hiang. I know some people when they make sio bee, they either add prawns or bay kar (fish) to the minced meat, sure nicer.

    Yes, I am truly blessed to have such kind and generous friends, always so thoughtful…but shy lah! Right now, with the lockdown, there is nothing in the house that I can give in return. I usually do that – not nice to just take only.

  4. I am not a fan of xiao long bao because I find it messy to eat. I once had the soup squirt across the table and it was so embarrassing. LOL! But I won’t say no if offered hee..hee..

    I’m just so-so with it as the soup is too strong on the ginger, not that fond of that.

  5. I can use some of theses dumplings now, getting tired of cooking daily. haha
    Stay safe ya

    I don’t do much cooking, the ladies will dominate the kitchen, honing their skills and trying out new recipes. You too, stay home!

  6. Not really a fan of xiao long bao but don’t mind if it is offered to me.

    Me too, will eat but I would not order myself. It’s the strong ginger soup inside that puts me off. I liked this one as it was not strong on the ginger, very nice the soup.

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