My herbs circle…

My herbs circle
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…was doing great at the start. Everything I planted flourished but eventually, things started to change and almost everything shrank and withered and died – my oregano, my sawtooth coriander, my daun sup (Chinese parsley), even my dill and my curry leaves. Only the serai (lemon grass) was growing well, so well that I had to keep trimming it ever so often.

Well, recently, I heard of this brainchild of Monsignor Father Michael Lee of the Catholic Diocese here in Sibu. He was making this organic compost…

Organic compost

…for sale in 1 kg packs for RM4.00, using these recycled resealable tea bags…

Recycled resealable bags

That sure is good for the environment – waste not, want not!

I went and bought a few packs for my plants to help him a bit in his venture and after using it for a few weeks, I am glad to note that my herbs circle is coming back to life.

The curry leaves look good…

Curry leaves

…sprouting new branches from the stump and my dill too…


I planted some Thai basil seedlings…

Thai basil

…but I can’t tell right now how they will fare.

My girl’s wild onions never died but they did not seem to be doing so well either, so scrawny, barely surviving…

Wild onions

…and likewise, my mint…


…has been spreading far and wide but the leaves are very small unlike the ones that I have in the pots kept in the shade.

I am also using this compost for my rambutan tree at the back of my house and much to my delight, it is sprouting new leaves and branches and looking really good. I certainly hope that I shall be able to say the same about my herbs circle soon…and yes, I shall return those recycled resealable bags to be reused. We must do what we can, however little, for the environment.

Incidentally, if anyone is interested, he or she can buy this organic compost at the Laudato Si’ Canteen at the Catholic Centre but of course, that will have to wait till this partial lockdown or Restricted Movement/Movement Control Order comes to an end. The sad thing is that it was announced yesterday that it would be extended till the 14th of next month, April, Lord have mercy!!!

LAUDATO SI’ CANTEEN (2.287292, 111.832110) is located in what was previously known as the Catholic Centre in the compound of the Sacred Heart Cathedral, Jalan Lanang and St Rita’s Primary School, Jalan Bukit Assek.

Author: suituapui

Ancient relic but very young at heart. Enjoys food and cooking...and travelling and being with friends.

7 thoughts on “Hopefully…”

  1. My curry leaves and basil leaves half head except my lemon grass growing so well. Need to trim it quiet often.

    Quite a nuisance actually and the leaves may cut one’s arms in the process of trimming, have to be careful. Curry leaves tend to come out with spots, some sickness – I got rid of those plants but I have others so it’s not so bad. Thai basil will grow old, not nice anymore, have to replant.

    1. Opps!!!…Typo error…should be curry leaves and basil leaves ” half dead”…sometimes the words change automatically.

      Yes, I could guess what you meant. LOL!!!

  2. We attempt our own compost on our balconies with food and leaf scraps. Fortunately, we get lots of sun and rain so it processes pretty well without stinking too much.

    That’s good. I sweep all my rambutan tree leaves and leave them at the foot of the tree – will become compost plus they prevent the weeds from growing so no need to do the weeding so often.

  3. It is very good to have these herbs growing in the garden as it is so convenient just to pluck as and when needed since they may not always be available at the supermarket. I observed that my plants respond very rapidly to compost, can see the difference in just a few days. You can make compost by using vegetable scraps. I do that in my garden.

    Yes, so very convenient. Usually we go and buy, say serai, RM2 for a whole lot and we only use 2-3 stalks and the rest, we throw away. So wasteful. Same thing with spring onions, daun sup and all the rest.

    I bury everything under my rambutan tree, all my kitchen waste. LOL!!!

  4. Now is a good time to do home planting just in case we could not go to the market or supermarket. Unfortunately I do not plant anything, so I have been buying those that can last longer than the normal greens..

    So far so good – no need to resort to eating my Brazilian spinach or my ulam raja and daun pegaga as ulam yet, still got veg.

  5. Mine also like this. At first, they were so healthy and flowering and growing so well. Then they slowly died off. Those I propagated, also have shorter life span. Now I dont grow any more. I only grow spring onion and oregano now. They cannot stop growing. Haha.

    Talking about oregano, I have some growing so very well on one side…and some more about 50 metres away not looking so good – they will grow but the leaves are very small. Don’t know why. Sighhhh!!!

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