My girl bought a pack of instant Japanese ramen from the supermarket at the mall near my house and she liked it a lot, nicer than this Thai one, she said and she finished the whole pack in no time at all.

She went back to the supermarket to buy some more but because she wanted to try some of the other flavours, she bought this one…

Instant Japanese ramen

The packaging of the previous one was black in colour. It was quite obvious that she was not too thrilled by this one as the packets remained sitting there for quite a while.

Well, the other morning, I took one to try. I don’t know what flavour it was as everything was in Japanese, not a word of English. Inside, apart from the noodles, there were two sachets, one of the seasoning and the other one looked like pepper…

Noodles and two sachets

…to me.

The noodles took quite a while to cook and once it was done, I rinsed it to wash away any excess starch. I boiled some more water and added the contents of the sachets, followed by a prawn for the flavour and the taste and when it was cooked, I put the noodles back in to heat it up before pouring everything into a bowl lined with a couple of leaves of organic hydroponic lettuce…

Instant Japanese ramen, cooked 1

…and garnishing it with a bit of chopped spring onion and fried shallots. While I was doing all the aforementioned, I multi-tasked and boiled an egg to eat with the noodles.

I did not think it was anything special though, I’m afraid – I think this was chicken-flavoured…

Japanese instant ramen, cooked 2

The only good thing I can say about it is the noodles – the texture and taste were different from all the other instant noodles in the market and I actually quite liked it a lot.

I asked my girl and yes, she too said it was nothing out of the ordinary which explains why the packets of the noodles did not seem to be moving at all. I guess she will not buy this flavour anymore the next time around.

THE MARKET PLACE supermarket is located in the basement of The Delta Mall (2.311762, 111.846818) respectively, along Jalan Pedada, now Jalan Dr Wong Soon Kai.

Author: suituapui

Ancient relic but very young at heart. Enjoys food and cooking...and travelling and being with friends.

4 thoughts on “Ordinary…”

  1. I like the texture of this ramen noodles too, more firm unlike other instant noodles, cook a while already too soggy. If it is chicken flavoured, I think I would love it. The hard boiled egg looks good and is calling me.

    I’m quite an eggspert these days but still hopeless at poaching them. Gotta practise more, get it perfegg! LOL!!!

  2. I have yet to try instant ramen. I have seen these (though not the same brand you bought) at Jaya Grocer and maybe I should grab a pack to try on my next grocery run. It looks like we have to endure staying at home until 14-04-2020. My garden is going to be very beautiful by then. LOL!

    Yes, I have been doing a lot of gardening and things are starting to look good again. At the rate we are going, maybe if I use my garden shears to trim a bit of the grass in my lawn every day, by the time this whole thing ends, I would have cut the grass in my whole garden, 13 points!

  3. I went there to buy some of its imported stuff when I stayed in Sibu. I never bought any Japanese noodle before. Korean, Taiwanese, Thai noodle, yes in the past.

    More imported stuff there nowadays. They have the noodles from all those countries…and Singapore too. I prefer it here to Ta Kiong, not so many people. Quite empty, in fact and no plastic bags! Have to bring your own.

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