Buy and buy…

It’s the 7th day of the partial lockdown, the Movement Control/Restricted Movement Order so it has been a week already. How are things going at your end? Running out of food in the house? I guess if you are, at this point in time, you can still go out to buy and buy but do avoid crowded places, wear a mask and practise social distancing – stand 2 metres away from the other people around you…and when you come home, take a bath, change your clothes and soak the ones you went out in. Prevention is better than cure!

As for me here, I am getting on fine – so far so good. We still have food in the house and we did stock up on instant noodles so if there is nothing else to eat, we can just have that…and of course, we have our own The Kitchen Food, Sibu instant kampua noodles.

The ladies in the house prefer the ones with dark soy sauce but personally, I like it white, the ones with chio cheng or light soy sauce…

Sibu instant kampua

Well, anyway, that morning, I decided to give the one with the dark soy sauce a try…

The Kitchen Food Sibu instant kampua

…for a change.

In each packet, there are the noodles with two sachets, one with the shallot oil (lard) and the other with the dark soy sauce…

Noodles & sachets

You empty the contents of the sachets into a plate…


…and you can do what I did – add a bit of chopped spring onion and fried shallots for the fragrance and the taste.

Boil the noodles for 3 minutes exactly, no more, no less and drain well. Mix with the ingredients and toss. Once done, serve it in a new plate…

Ready to serve

…and sit down to enjoy the fruit of your labour.

I like places where they do it in a plate and once done, they serve it on another plate like what I did so there will not be a mess and it will look more presentable. At some places, I’ve seen them using a towel to wipe the side of the plate – I am not so keen on that as I am not sure as to how clean that towel is actually.

I had some leftover stewed pork belly in the fridge so I heated up a bit to go with the noodles and I also garnished it with some more chopped onion and fried shallots…

Instant kampua mee

…and I must say that I did enjoy it. That would be enough for a meal, be it breakfast, lunch or dinner.

I do think it will be a good idea to stretch our rations as much as possible. Come the 31st of the month, if things do not improve – especially when I see a lot of recalcitrant people with no respect for the law and authority (not in Sibu) going out according to their whims and fancies, they may decide to extend this thing or worse, impose a complete lockdown and if there is no more food in the house by then, things are going to be hard, that’s for sure.

It is not about you infecting someone – the danger is you may be in danger of getting infected if you go out! Stay safe, stay home, one and all!

Author: suituapui

Ancient relic but very young at heart. Enjoys food and cooking...and travelling and being with friends.

10 thoughts on “Buy and buy…”

  1. I find the social distancing measures implemented at coffeeshops, restaurants and supermarkets not very practical and effective as most of the customers do not follow the rules.

    As far as things go here in Sibu, it is very good. Cannot sit and eat in coffee shops, can buy to take home. No tables and chairs laid out, some use the tables to block the entrance of the coffee shops. Many do not open anymore. I guess few would go and tapao. Situation in Sibu town itself is good, no suspected cases or infections for a while now. Fingers crossed, things will get better soonest.

  2. It would be good if we can get sibu instant kampua noodles in our supermarkets as i have not tried kampua noodles before.

    There are places in Singapore where you can buy this – you can check their Facebook page but dunno if there is still any stock. Now, no planes, no buses…cannot send fresh supplies.

  3. Your kampua looks extremely yummy. Comes in handy in time like now.

    Yes, I’ve stocked up a lot…and also my favourite Mee Daddy, chicken flavour.

  4. I am enjoying life as well, good to rest too, did not step out much but before the lockdown, went to sapu all the groceries and spent more than RM700 T.T

    Holy cow! You bought the whole store or what? We started buying the week before the lockdown, just in case. Each time, we bought a bit so we did not look like we were panic buying. In the end, we accumulated quite a lot – quite enough to see us through.

  5. I was in two minds about buying instant noodles because I have not eaten them in a long time. Besides, my partner frowns upon it but I reckon eating instant is all right once in a while. I will have to go grocery shopping in a few days time and I dread the crowd!

    Luckily we have shops near our house and a vegetable seller by the roadside, hardly anybody around mid-afternoon on a hot day. No choice, at times like this – any noodles would be good.

  6. I also have a notion that it will be extended to another 2 weeks if the situation is not improving. While I can go out now, I buy and keep.. hoard and hoard especially meat.

    We have lots of meat but I prefer to stick up on non-perishables, can keep a long time. Otherwise, if the food spoils before we have the chance to eat it, all will have to be thrown away. What a waste!

  7. Honestly, I’m quite happy at home. I have been running my self silly staying busy since dad passed and this has forced me to slow down. I am still teaching full time on-line, but not visiting restaurants every day and writing articles to go with the visit sure is freeing up a lot of time.

    Yes, I have a lot more time on my hands now but I am running out of things to blog about since I do not go out and go here and there like what I usually do.

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