Do it my own way…

There was a Thai chef, a lady, here once and all that she dished out was really good. Unfortunately, the boss of the café saw it fitting to close down the place and got her to pack her bags and head on home. However, the final month when she was here, I did manage to go and enjoy her food a few times before they finally called it a day and I remember particularly her prawn toast that we liked a lot.

Well, last Friday, I had a loaf of sandwich bread in the fridge and a packet of the fish paste from Sarikei and it occurred to me that perhaps, I could try and do it my own way to see if I could come out with anything just as good. I added some ingredients to the paste…

Added ingredients

…not much as I would not fancy a somewhat overpowering taste, a bit of serai (lemon grass) and kunyit (turmeric), pounded and finely-chopped Thai basil leaves. I was thinking that perhaps they would give it a bit of that unmistakably exotic Thai taste to what I was about to cook.

I broke an egg and beat it well to use as a holding agent. After that, I cut the bread into squares, applied a bit of the egg on one side and spread the fish paste over it. Then I dipped a prawn in the egg and placed it on top…

Ready for frying

I only used half a packet of the fish paste and managed to come out with 30 pieces, that was all.

I heated some oil in a pan till really very hot before putting the pieces in, a few at a time, face down…

Frying, face down

…so as to cook the toppings.

Once nicely browned, I turned them over…

Turning over

…to let them fry for a while, making sure that I removed them quickly from the oil when they were all golden brown, not overdone and I let them stand on some kitchen towel to soak the oil and to let it drip first before moving them onto a serving plate.

My girl came home from school that afternoon and we had them…

Prawn and fish paste toast

…for lunch. She took one to eat and much to my delight, she exclaimed, “This is very nice!”

Yes, I would say they were all right, nice but somewhat disappointing in more ways than one. I should have been more generous with the added ingredients as I could hardly detect them in the pieces of toast. The fish paste shrank terribly till there wasn’t much of it left – next time, I must make sure that I add a lot more…and I sure would want to cut the bread a little bit bigger – they were rather small, I thought and perhaps, I can add a sprinkling of chopped spring onion or daun sup (Chinese celery) and chili on top for a bit of colour.

Anybody wants to give this a try?

Author: suituapui

Ancient relic but very young at heart. Enjoys food and cooking...and travelling and being with friends.

9 thoughts on “Do it my own way…”

  1. You are righr, sometimes we cannot detect the taste of the meat (in your case fish paste) when they are submerged in between the toast breads, like when i tried the luncheon meat sandwich at toast box the last time.

    Oh? Must be very thin, the slice of luncheon meat.

  2. Looks extremely yummy. Anything with prawn will not go wrong. I guess the bread will soak up alot of oil. Bake is a better option.

    If the oil is very hot, the bread will not soak up the oil. Mine was fine but the oil was getting too hot so I turned down the fire – I noticed the last few pieces were a lot more oily – like it had soaked into the bread a bit than all the rest. Baking should be fine but may not be as nice as deep fried. I’m not so into things deep fried but my girl love them!

  3. Certainly looks good though I have not tried prawns on bread before! As the saying goes, practice makes perfect so do try again and let us drool over them!

    Come on over! I’ll cook some and I am pretty sure it will be very much nicer by then.

  4. this prawn toast looks pretty interesting! very nice visually. i always like looking at your cooking adventures 😀

    I do enjoy trying out stuff and of course, when things turn out great, I’m the happiest!

  5. Oh! Your prawns toasts are so dainty! They look so good, all golden brown. Finished very fast I bet! I just saw a TV show where the chef used minced chicken instead. I would love to try making prawn toasts one day.

    Dainty? For elegant, classy eaters, not for me. Pop in the mouth, one gulp and it’s gone! LOL!!! I don’t think I will use chicken. Next time, I will use prawn – should be nicer than fish.

  6. Little bit of a suggestion here…if you hollowed the bread a bit by pinching some off with your fingers or scissors, you might be able to get more of the topping on.

    Gee, thanks. Will try that next time.

  7. I am terrible at balancing spices. I usually end up adding too much of everything.

    I do that too sometimes. Not that great when it is overpowering, kills the taste.

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