Rich dad, poor dad…

My girl was feeling a bit unwell last Saturday so we did not go for the novena and sunset service that day and since she was feeling better the next morning, we went to the early morning service instead.

It ended at past 8.30 a.m. and we headed here…

Pappa Rich Sibu, Sarawak

…presently the only outlet in the whole of Sarawak, for brunch. I did google earlier and found out that their opening hours begin at 7.30 a.m. in the morning and they will stay open till 11.00 p.m. at night.

Much to my surprise, the place was full of people even though it was still so early in the morning but thankfully, we were able to grab a table and so did a few others who came after us. The rest who came later had to sit outside and wait to be called once a table was available.

My missus wanted their char kway teow (which I did hear someone say was nice) and I told her that if that was what she wanted, we could have gone some place else for that and it would be just as nice or even nicer with the wok hei and lard fragrance, one thing you would definitely not find here, for half or even a third of the price! I was so amazed to see that there were customers there for their kaya toast and half-boiled egg!

I did go to their Bukit Bintang outlet in KL a long time ago here and here and my objective that morning was to try those dishes, though common in West Malaysia, that are not available here and in the end, my missus settled upon the curry laksa special (RM15.94)…

PappaRich curry mee 1

…and yes, it was very nice but it was chicken curry with noodles…

PappaRich curry mee 2

…and cockles as well, not anything like the Singapore/Melaka nyonya curry laksa. We had a very nice one here once but they had called it quits for quite a while now.

My girl had the wat tan hor (RM17.45)…

PappaRich wat tan hor

…which was very nice but I was quite positive it looked a whole lot nicer in their promotional video, big prawns, sotong and all!

I’ve always loved the kway teow th’ng in Penang and elsewhere so I asked for the kway teow soup and steamed chicken (RM15.00)…

PappaRich kway teow soup & steamed chicken

…and yes, I sure enjoyed the noodles in the clear, refreshing soup…

PappaRich kway teow soup

…and I’ve had steamed chicken at a lot of places here but for reasons unknown, I thought the one here…

PappaRich steamed chicken

…was a cut above the rest and I did like it a lot.

However, I felt the drinks weren’t that great and rather expensive as well. The coffee o (iced) that I had was a let down and definitely not worth the RM5.19 price tag – my missus had the coffee hot (RM4.25) and she was not impressed either. We can get coffee a lot nicer at our local coffee shops at not even half the price. My girl’s organic sweet soy milk was a whooping RM10.28 and she complained that there were what felt like lumps of blended soya bean inside. Probably, should we ever happen to drop by here again, we’ll just ask for plain water, not sure whether they charge for that or not (some places do).

Though our orders did not come cheap, I must say that we all enjoyed what we had and service was great and prompt so I had no complaints about that. We may or we may not drop by again to try whatever else they have on their menu that we can’t get here…but for now, while somebody’s pappa somewhere may be getting richer and richer, this dad walked out of the place over RM70.00 poorer. Sighhh!

PappaRich (2.291606, 111.821291) is located at Lot 23-35, Jalan Lau King Howe in the block to the right of the Lau King Howe Hospital Museum, to the left of the Sushi King outlet there.

Author: suituapui

Ancient relic but very young at heart. Enjoys food and cooking...and travelling and being with friends.

13 thoughts on “Rich dad, poor dad…”

  1. I also been to their outlet in Bukit Bintang many years ago.

    Haha. Poor papa, sure cannot dine every time. Nose bleeding!!

    People complain about Payung being expensive. Well, for one thing, it is one of a kind, not another of those franchises…and if I were to go there for breakfast, garlic bread with chicken sauce is only RM8.00, the tomato noodles too – the spaghetti dishes may be more, around RM16.00, around the same as what they have here but you can’t get anything like those anywhere else…and yet, people choose to come here by the droves and they do not seem to mind those astronomical prices. Strange!

  2. No doubt the food looks good but for that price have to think thrice to have go there. Maybe once in a blue blue moon. I am doubtful of their weird pricing for the food and drinks, like RM15.94 for curry laksa special and RM5.19 for coffee o (iced), etc.

    Initially, I assumed it was inclusive of SST but upon checking the cashier’s receipt, they charged the 6% on the overall total so I really don’t know why the rather odd pricing! I hope we are not being taxed TWICE!!!

  3. We were just there last night to celebrate my youngest daughter’s 17th birthday. She, too, had the curry laksa special but she preferred our Sarawak laksa better. Hubby ordered dry egg noodles with dumpling soup which he said our kampua mee would cost alot less. I had hainanese chicken rice, the soup was bland but the chicken was good.

    I liked the chicken too. Generally all quite ok except for the prices. I sure would think twice about going there and it’s not even a classy upscale dining joint to merit that kind of prices, just a franchise.

  4. I have been to this outlet at my office area and it has since closed down. The food was not memorable but I am glad you had a positive experience.

    I quite liked the one I went to at Bukit Bintang, not cheap but the food was all right plus it was a few doors away from the hotel where I was staying, very convenient. Otherwise, I don’t think I would bother checking it out – so many other nicer places to go to and cheaper as well!

    I thought this one here was so -so, nice but not really anything to get excited about ESPECIALLY AT THOSE PRICES but having said that, I did like the steamed chicken very much.

  5. Yeah…I do like their steamed chicken too. But its getting more expensive now. I also hardly visit them. (Foodwise, better than OldTown Kopitiam) hehe…

    I’ve had a few disappointing experiences at Old Town, here:
    and also here:
    Will NEVER want to set foot at any of their outlets ever again. I hear a lot in Australia closed down already, bankrupt!

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