Both ways…

Last year, my missus and I had our Valentine dinner here

Payung table decor

…and my girl complained that she did not have the chance to be with us that night as she was still at her school in the jungle at that point in time.

Of course, this year, when we went there again, she was able to be with us…

One for the memory Valentine's Day 2020

…this time around and needless to say, that made her very happy indeed.

They were charging RM45.00 per head only this year, RM60 last year while other places around here were asking for no less than RM100-200, RM300 even at some places. According to Peter, the boss, they did not have this kind of promotion in the past and when it got very crowded and everyone was ordering everything on their menu, it was such a lot of work and one helluva mess. This way, they would be able to focus on the items in their set menu so it would not be so much of a hassle.

I think there were more items in their buffet spread last year – probably that was why it was more expensive plus this year, they also cut down on their expenses on the decor and kept it real simple.

I must say that RM45.00 is a steal as if you were to go there and order a main dish (RM18.00) and a salad (RM8.00) plus a mushroom roll (RM12.00) and an ice cream (RM10.00), that would be more than RM45.00 already and that night, we had more than just these…and yes, there were a lot more customers this year, compared to last year, a full house! That was why I would say that it did work out for the best for us, both ways.

Each person could only choose one of the main courses and my girl picked the beef bolognese spaghetti…

Beef bolognese spaghetti

…while I had the Afghan chicken with rice…

Afghan chicken with rice

…and my missus had the Indian butter chicken with rice…

Indian butter chicken with rice

The other two options available were their Payung chicken (cooked with yogurt) and their beef rendang. There was a lot of beef in the pasta sauce and I had to help my girl finish off the meat in the end and I also had to help my missus with the chicken AND a bit of her rice.

There were two types of soup, eat all you can – fresh tomato and mushroom and garlic buns to go with them…

Fresh tomato & mushroom soups with garlic buns

I had the tomato initially and I was thinking that I could go for the mushroom and more of the garlic bread later but in the end, I was simply too full to go for more.

I so loved the potato salad…

Potato salad

…and had a second helping of it. The ladies liked it too but they liked the fruit salad…

Fruit salad

…more and other than the two, there were also the herbs salad and the guava salad.

The mushroom roll…

Mushroom roll

…was so popular that they simply could not make them fast enough. The instant a plate was out of the oven, it would disappear in a blink of an eye! The salads and the mushroom roll were also in the eat-all-you-can category.

We were already filled to the brim when Peter served us this beef rendang

Beef rendang

…and there was no way we could eat that. All of us sampled a bit each and sent it back to the kitchen so it would not go to waste.

There was also a limit on the ice cream – durian, mango or chocolate, pick one and my missus and I both had the durian…

Durain & Kahlua ice cream

…while my girl wanted the Kahlua and they were nice enough to make an exception. There were cakes too, blueberry and chocolate but I was already way too full for those and besides, I  thought I would just give them a miss after the overdose of cakes and cookies over Chinese New Year.

That certainly was a delightful evening and we sure enjoyed the dinner very much. If they are going to hold something like this again next year, rest assured that we will be the first in line to go for it…and perhaps, I shall suggest to Peter that he could set up a photo booth – perhaps he can decorate that “little hut” behind me in the above photograph for couples to have their photographs taken to remember that special night in the year.

PAYUNG CAFÉ (2.284049, 111.833014) is located at No.20F, Lanang Road, Sibu, Malaysia, back to back with the multi-storey car park of the Kingwood Hotel which faces the majestic Rejang River.

Author: suituapui

Ancient relic but very young at heart. Enjoys food and cooking...and travelling and being with friends.

8 thoughts on “Both ways…”

  1. You have made the smarter choice to choose this place for your Valentine’s Dinner. Cheap and most important the food taste great. For ice cream, either mango or durian for me.

    We chose durian as we are not crazy about the strong local mango taste – they use quinee for the cream.

  2. Those.. “rambutan” looks weird. haha

    Those come from a wild plant, don’t think they are edible – used to have them in the jungle around the house. Inside you will find some wet red seeds – as kids, we used to play with them, colour our finger nails…like nail polish. LOL!!!

  3. Your Valentine’s Day dinner looked wonderful, what more at Payung! Your girl does not look so skinny anymore, she appears happy and healthy. Life with mummy and papa at home is the best!

    LOL!!! That is what everybody says, no more sunken cheeks…and she can’t fit into a lot of her old clothes. Well, she enjoys retail therapy so she can always go to shop for new clothes. Staying at home, hardly any use for her own money! She sure is very happy now.

  4. We don’t usually celebrate Valentine’s Day but this year we made an exception as William surprised us with a family dinner outside. We were the only family there; the rest being couples. Haha.

    RM45 for the above dinner is such a steal. I’d be lining up too if I were in Sibu.

    Miang keladi, makin tua makin jadi? Wink! Wink! LOL!!!

    Here, it was the opposite – only three couples, I think. The rest were all families and some groups were really big, over 10 people! Pretty obvious that everyone was having a ball of a time, eating and bonding.

  5. A happy moment with everyone is together.

    Between fruit salad and potato salad, I go for potato sakad. I love potatoes. I remember the mushroom rolls. Yummy.

    They do not use those cultivated mushrooms anymore. They have switched to a wild variety, a shade darker with a stronger and nicer taste, blends so well with the Parmesan cheese. The West Malaysians who came that day loved it so much!

  6. Price really very affordable for a valentine’s dinner and the food looks delicious too. What a precious family photo!

    Yes, nothing beats the whole family enjoying dinner together. A family that eats together stays together, sad that many do not have time for one another anymore.

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