Let’s try…

I dropped by here…

Kiing Huat Kopitiam

…the other morning. It has been around for quite sometime – ever since some of the shops in that area started to open for business and I did see quite a lot of people there. The food court in front does not open very early, talk about the early bird catching the worm, but anyway, I wasn’t planning on going there. So far, I have not heard anybody saying anything about this coffee shop so I thought I would just go there and try.

This guy…

Yew cha koi guy

…was selling yew cha koi/yeu tiau (Chinese crullers) at his stall in front and I ordered one (RM1.00)…

Yew cha koi

…to try. Unfortunately, it was not anything like those that I grew up eating, the taste and the texture and I thought the ones I bought before from the old couple here were much nicer.

I went to the kampua mee stall at the shop…

Kampua mee stall

…and ordered the kampua mee

Kampua mee

…with mackerel fish ball soup set (RM8.00)…

Mackerel fish ball soup

The noodles were all right and so was the soup, just that I thought RM8.00 was a bit on the high side. At most places, you can get the set for RM6.00 but then again, usually, they will not give any meat with the noodles.

By the time I finished eating, a few of the other stalls were already open – perhaps I shall drop by again another day to see what they have to offer but when I do, I guess I will have to come a little bit later – it certainly looks to me like the worms don’t get up and about so early these days.

KIING HUAT KOPITIAM (2.301323, 111.843642) is located among the shops along Jalan Dr Wong Soon Kai in the vicinity of Gafu Supermarket, behind Kim Hock Premier Food Court to the right of the newly-opened Nam Heong Ipoh. 

Author: suituapui

Ancient relic but very young at heart. Enjoys food and cooking...and travelling and being with friends.

7 thoughts on “Let’s try…”

  1. Can see that the yew cha koi does not look good, not crispy enough.

    Yes, kind of doughy. Lots like this around these days, nothing like the ones we had in my childhood days.

  2. Nowadays we have yew cha koi with fillings, kaya or peanut butter but I still prefer the kosong ones. Nice yew cha koi goes well with a hot cup of kopi/kopi O kaw kaw.

    None of those for me. I like those airy ones, those that rise to the occasion and I like its original taste even though I usually enjoy eating it with condensed milk or kaya.

  3. Our current favourite kolo mee stall serve such set (noodle plus soup) at RM8.

    So far the best yue tiaw I have in Kuching is from a coffee shop next to Sg Maong market. Freshly made and fry every day. Maybe going to get some when I go to market tomorrow morning.

    The usual going price here is RM6.00, some RM5.00, depending on what you’re having.

    The yew char koi here in Kuching looked good but I did not buy to try.

  4. I guess the mackerel fish balls item is what made the price RM8 because mackerel should be more expensive than the normal fish I guess. I think mackerel fish balls taste better than other fish balls if it has a lot of mackerel fish meat in it.

    Used to be so special, any place with own-made mackerel fish balls. I would frown at all those super white, all-flour frozen supermarket ones. But these days, we get the mackerel paste and make our own fish balls, so convenient. Thus, it is not that special, no more.

  5. Yew Cha Koi was my late grandma’s favorite snack. At one time, she used to squeeze out the oil using tissue papers hee..hee..

    Oh? They let it stand and drip, not oily, the ones here!

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