Holy cow…

My friend/ex-student shared on Facebook about how nice what she had here was, even nicer than when she had the same in Taiwan. Of course, since then, I had been waiting for the chance to drop by and check the place…

Mr. Cow


It turned out to be a franchise…

For selfie lovers

…most probably Taiwanese…

Taipei 101

…with outlets all over. Incidentally, isn’t “cow” feminine? Looks like that’s one very confused creature there. LOL!!!

We dropped by for dinner one night and I wasted no time at all in ordering what my friend/ex-student had (RM8.00)…

Mr Cow Braised pork rice

Yes, I would say it was very nice and I did enjoy it a lot but the one I had here and later, here, was very much nicer but unfortunately, the guy concerned did not seem all that devoted to his business and it came as no surprise to me that eventually, he closed shop and called it a day.

I asked for one stewed egg (RM1.50)…

Mr Cow stewed egg

…but the girl said that I would be getting half in my bowl of rice. “没关系! 我要另一个!” (Never mind! I want another one!) I replied.

We asked for a jug of this very refreshing watermelon & passion fruit juice (RM9.90)…

Mr Cow watermelon & passion fruit juice

…to be shared among the three of us and there sure was enough to go round.

My girl and the mum had their beef noodles (RM10.00 a bowl)…

Mr Cow beef noodles

…with their own handmade noodles and yes, it was nice too. The serving was huge and there was tripe as well, alongside the beef but I did not think I could detect a very strong beef taste. Personally, I would very much prefer the one we had here for only RM8.50. They were out of the special chili dip for beef noodles though and that was kind of disappointing.

I saw something that looked like crème brûlée among the photographs on the wall but actually, that was their caramel pudding (RM5.00)…

Mr Cow caramel pudding

…with the lightly-torched thin layer of sugar on top. However, instead of the egg custard inside, they had this Chinese pudding, the one made from the powder wrapped in white paper with blue writing, that people often mistakenly call chai eyen which is actually agar-agar, not the same. I may be wrong but I think that is hun kwe. Anyway, whatever it is called, I asked for that and I did enjoy it very much.

Service was great even though the girls were not that conversant in English but the young eager beavers went all out to please and I would say that it would be a very nice place to go to for lunch or dinner. They open at 11.00 a.m. till 3.00 p.m. and from 5.00 p.m. till 11.00 p.m. except on Wednesdays, their off day.

烤大爷 Mr. Cow (2.306031, 111.849136) is located at 2, Lorong Pahlawan 7e, among the shops opposite Everwin, Sibu Bus Terminal, round the corner from Yum Yum Cafe.

Author: suituapui

Ancient relic but very young at heart. Enjoys food and cooking...and travelling and being with friends.

7 thoughts on “Holy cow…”

  1. Thanks for sharing about this taiwanese place. Food looks good and price is affordable. I would enjoy the dessert too. My first choices would be thai, japanese and indian food. Taiwanese food comes next, not really a fan of it. Will only eat it when i am tired of the rest.

    Personally I am not a fan of anything Taiwanese. I cannot understand why there is a following and people love to visit the country and they sing praises of the food there. Even their beef noodles – I will eat but it is not my favourite. I prefer our local clear soup ones – I loved the one at Cuppage Centre in Singapore a long long time ago, no more there, of course.

  2. Am a noodle person, I am sure I like the noodle the ladies had. Nice refreshing drink to drown down everything.

    All good and not expensive too! Of course I did not go for the bubble tea – that will be the LAST thing I will want to try!

  3. i’m a fan of taiwanese beef noodles! i like the depth of the flavours – not TOO overwhelming, but still with a lot of beefy complexities 😀

    That was the problem at this franchise – I could not detect any beef taste in the soup. Tasted nice, yes…but beef, no.

  4. I am not a fan of Taiwanese food but I enjoy their beef noodles. There used to be one near me but sadly they have closed down.

    I prefer our local clear soup version, not so into the Taiwanese version – just ok with it…or for that matter, anything Taiwanese at all.

  5. I am not so crazy about Taiwanese franchise, much less beef noodle.

    Food was nicely presented. Good to hear the waitress is friendly and eager to please. That definitely a plus.

    Same same. That is why I can’t understand why people love to go to Taiwan…for the food!

  6. I usually avoid chain restaurants but looks like this was a pretty good experience.

    Not bad. I guess one thing about franchises is the poor quality control – may be good at one outlet but not so at another…in the same town or city!

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