Cookies and cake…

My missus did not bake any cakes this year – she has not been doing so for many years now, not since that year when in the midst of her Chinese New Year baking, the oven suddenly decided to call it quits and I had to rush out to buy a new one for her. Unfortunately, the cakes she baked that year turned out disastrous so she never baked again from that time onwards.

Well, this year, I went to my regular Malay kuih stall at Bandong to order their baked cakes. I bought their marble cake…

Marble cake

…and their poppyseed cake…

Poppyseed cake

…and also their choco cake…

Choco cake

They were all very nice, not really sweet and very soft and moist unlike some cakes that we get from the bakeries here and each of them was only RM18.00 for a 12-inch square – I thought that was very cheap!

I was not all that keen on their very expensive steamed kek lapis Sarawak especially those colourful ones with all the artificial colouring used in the making. I only bought half a  kek belacan (RM50.00)…

Kek belacan

…thus named because of the resemblance.  This is a very rich cake with 10 eggs, condensed milk, kaya, cocoa, Horlicks, Milo and everything else. It is so rich that even before I removed the cling film, I could detect the lovely fragrance.

I also bought another steamed cake – the sisik ikan or fish scales (RM35 for  a loaf, around a quarter of the cake)…

Sisik ikan

…which is, in fact, a layer cake with san cha (haw flakes), one of my favourites and even though it does not come cheap, I simply had to buy that as well!

My missus insisted on baking her own cookies even though we already bought a whole lot when we went to Kuching that day.

She made her usual ones, the ones she would make year in and year out, including these old school floral butter cookies…

Butter cookies

…and these chocolate chip ones…

Chocolate chip cookies

…and her Nestum cookies…

Nestum cookies

…which used to be long like a caterpillar but this year, she went for a different shape.

Then she made these cheese ones…

Cheese cookies

…that she said my girl and also her niece, the one working in Singapore, love a lot and she just had to make them for  the two to enjoy, especially.

Of course, her cookies were very nice, a cut above the rest, as she used Golden Churn butter, no less!

Author: suituapui

Ancient relic but very young at heart. Enjoys food and cooking...and travelling and being with friends.

6 thoughts on “Cookies and cake…”

  1. Sisik ikan is also one of my favourite among the many kind of kek lapis sold. I would not want to buy those very colourful kek lapis. See the colours already pissed off. I love the old school floral cookies as well as the cheese ones.

    Yes, the gaudy colours are really scary. Sometime ago, I bought the “Evergreen” to eat and for THREE days, what came out was green in colour. So scary. Never again!!!

  2. Oh! How nice – cookies and cakes, never get tired of those especially good ones. I bet your missus’ cookies are fabulous. Nothing beats cookies and cakes made with Golden Churn butter.

    It has got to be Golden Churn, second to none. Getting more and more expensive by the year though.

  3. I never bake because I can’t bake well. Haha. Did not buy any cake or cookies this year. But still ate quite a lot of cakes when visiting these few days. I like sisik ikan.

    Oh? So what do you serve to family and friends who drop by your house? I’m sure your hubby has a lot of visitors, staff and customers?

    1. We dont hold open house so not many come. Just family members and relatives.

      Check my blog post on what I served.

      Oh? It looks like this traditional practice is dying out – I do not see a lot of people visiting my neighbours either, maybe just family and even then, only two other houses in the whole lane, besides mine. Many are not celebrating even, it seems. Lots of firecrackers on the eve of Chinese New Year’s Eve – they had their reunion dinner earlier and then they flew off some place to just relax. Maybe I will write a post on this.

  4. The cakes look good. My mom also stocked up one marble cake during cny as most of the food places are closed and we can eat it when we get hungry at night. Butter cookies for me, yums!

    Your missus is good in both cooking and baking. Thumbs up!

    Sounds like you do not hold open houses either. I did hear that the usual practice is to sit down to eat the reunion dinner together and then adjourn to the mahjong table and try one’s luck throughout the new year, no visiting relatives or friends.

  5. I find there are so many great home-bakers around now that there’s no need to bake – you can still buy and get that homecooked feeling – just it’s someone else’s home 😉

    Yes, we just need to know where the good ones are.

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