So much more than this…

My niece, the one working in Singapore, arrived home on the 1st Day of the Chinese Lunar New Year and she and her parents dropped by for lunch.

We had all that we had for our reunion dinner the night before – we still had a lot of every dish as we only served a bit of each for fear that we would not be able to finish everything.

Other than those, there were also the chicken curry and the satay beef…

Satay beef

…that my missus cooked and I bought this daging masak hitam

Masak hitam

…from one of the hotel restaurants, my favourite in town.

Those went absolutely well with the ketupat/kelupis wrapped in banana leaf …


…that my aunt gave me.

I also bought the sio bee I bought from here (80 sen each)…

Sio bee

…and also the ones from the Dewan Suarah market (RM1.00 each). Everyone said that the former, though smaller, were nicer.

I invited my friends from Payung to come over for lunch and was so glad they did and also my girl’s friend, her ex-classmate from Primary 1 and her family. The rest that came were all Muslims so we could not  ask them to join in. I told my missus that next year, I would ask some people at the kampung to cater  so everyone would be able to enjoy…and she would not need to slave in the kitchen for days and days.

Author: suituapui

Ancient relic but very young at heart. Enjoys food and cooking...and travelling and being with friends.

7 thoughts on “So much more than this…”

  1. Yeah, my favourite daging masak hitam and sio bee. Love them heaps. I guess there will be lots of cakes and titbits to serve those that can’t join in for lunch.

    Yes, that will be in the next post. The daging masak hitam from Li Hua Hotel here is the absolute best! Everyone who has tried it loves it!

  2. gong xi fa cai to you and your family arthur.
    I wouldn’t mind some of that sio bee for breakfast this morning 🙂

    Thank you and the same to you and your loved ones!

    Come on over! You’d be glad you make the trip – you can get to eat these and more, lots lots more!

  3. ooo, satay beef – brilliant dish for everyone who loves the peanut sauce even more or as much as the meat! 😀

    The gravy sure went well with the glutinous rice wrapped in banana leaf.

  4. Oh…all the glorious food at your house! It has been years and years and years that I have not been visiting where the hosts prepared such a sumptuous spread. Usually there are mostly cookies and tidbits to be had.

    We used to have this for two or three days so we would have to cook a lot! This year, we just had it for the 1st day. The other days, visitors will only get to eat the cakes and cookies and tidbits.

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