I’m still around…

A long long time ago, way back in 2014, I stumbled upon this very nice kolo mee here but they have demolished that coffee shop and are currently building something, I dunno what, at the site.  Even Rose and her two kids – I think the youngest had yet to make his appearance into this world at the time, went to give it a try and they gave their nod of approval and coming from somebody from Kuching, that was indeed something!

Well, that night at my sister’s birthday dinner, there were two of her friends with us and they told me that the stall had moved here…

Sin Kiaw Cafe

…and the other morning, I dropped by to give it a try.

I cannot remember how much that was now, probably RM4.00…

Sin Kiaw kolo mee

…but yes, it was very good, just as nice as before and I must say that it can give the ones that I had on my recent Kuching trip a run for their money, like this one, for instance. Having said that, I did feel that it was even nicer when tossed with the vinegar and chili dip that came with it.

I could remember the very nice Sibu Foochow-style sio bee from that coffee shop and way back then, I would go there to buy to give to folks in the other towns and that morning, I ordered two (80 sen each)…

Sin Kiaw sio bee

…to see if they were still as good and yes, they were! There is a stall at the Dewan Surah market – the lady makes her own every Friday and will sell them there from Saturday onwards and hers are just as good except that they are RM1.00 each.

I asked for a whole lot of frozen ones to steam and serve for our Chinese New Year Reunion Dinner – wait a minute! That’s tonight!!! So what will you all be having? Stick around and soon enough, you will get to see the spread we have prepared for this very significant event!

SIN KIAW CAFE (2.291287, 111.826611) is located along Ramin Way, the first shop on your right as you turn in from Jalan Kampung Nyabor, right behind the petrol station located at the bend.

Author: suituapui

Ancient relic but very young at heart. Enjoys food and cooking...and travelling and being with friends.

8 thoughts on “I’m still around…”

  1. Well, if you say it is very nice then it must be like the real Kuching kolo mee. I trust your taste.

    Happy Blessed Sa chap Mei and Chinese New Year to you and your loved ones….❤️❤️❤️

    Well, Rose loved it and she’s Kuching born and bred. Too many places here where they dress up kampua mee to look like kolo mee – so so so not the same!

    Wishing the same to you and all your loved ones.

  2. 2014 is not a long long time ago – 2004 might be! 😀 wishing you a joyous reunion with your family today and a very happy cny celebration! 😀

    LOL!!! Long enough for Rose to have another child and he has just started going to school. Thanks and the same to you!

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