At long last…

Ever since they opened for business and I dropped by for the first time in December, 2018, I had been wanting to try their mui choy pork belly (梅菜焖肉) because I saw the photograph on display and it looked really good.

I did go there again and again and I had other things on their menu but I never went there for lunch until that afternoon the other day…at long last!

Without a second thought, I ordered that and was served in an instant…

LAUDATO SI' mui choy pork

I must say that the service here is really good, fast and efficient. Unfortunately, though it was quite all right, it was definitely not as good as some other places around town (though those may be more expensive, I wouldn’t know). Why! It even looked a whole lot nicer in the photograph in the menu.

For one thing, it was so very diluted that I could drink the sauce/gravy like a soup and as far as that went, I did like it and it was great for drowning the rice to eat too. However, there were only a few slices of meat…

LAUDATO SI' mui choy pork, inside

…inside, maybe around 4 or 5 only.

At best, I would say it would be good enough if one happens to be there and would like something different for a change and is not all that keen on their chap fan (mixed rice), RM3.00 only for one meat and two vegetables…

LAUDATO SI' chap fan

…plus the rice and complimentary soup. They sure have a lot of dishes for one to pick and choose and this was the 2nd time my missus had gone for it – she said it was nice…and so very cheap!

LAUDATO SI’ CANTEEN is located in what was previously known as the Catholic Centre in the compound of the Sacred Heart Cathedral, Jalan Lanang and St Rita’s Primary School, Jalan Bukit Assek.

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6 thoughts on “At long last…”

  1. RM3 for one meat and 2 veg. is a good deal. Here 1 meat and 1 veg. already RM4.00 and some places may charge abit more. One place at Peach Garden, RM5 for 1 meat and 1 veg but the dishes is great.

    I don’t mind expensive if the food is really very nice. This one is a church-run eatery at the Catholic Centre here, manned by volunteers from among the faithful. I guess that is why they can be cheaper than elsewhere outside.

  2. I used to dislike mui choy pork belly but I grow to enjoy it. People says, taste changes as you grow older. Lol.

    My BIL cooks nice mui choy kou rou. Not sure he cooks it for cny this year or not.

    I quite enjoy it, nice for a change. I so love stewed pork belly without the mui choy…and enjoy eating it in mantao and I love the eggs too.

  3. I love mui choy pork belly but the one that I had did not have so much gravy. Perhaps a different style?

    Should be the same, this one is kind of watered down, too diluted. Gravy should be less and stronger in taste. Can’t expect much from RM5 with rice, I guess.

  4. Sometimes fast delivery of food can be a good sign but often I think it means it’s all been pre-prepared and it just reheated.

    All the dishes at chap fan (mixed rice) places are pre-cooked – best to go a little early when it is fresh from the wok. Some places will keep them in food warmers and in cabinets – some do not bother. I will avoid those.

    The pork belly is like those places selling herbal soups – served hot from the steamer.

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