It’s your choice…

On their first night in Sibu, my West Malaysian friends from KL came here

Hai Bing Seafood

…for dinner.

I was told that they walked for around an hour from the vicinity of the Tua Pek Kong Temple looking for the place when it is just around 100 metres from the hotel where they were staying and if they were walking back from the temple, it shouldn’t take more than 10-15 minutes. That is the problem when you depend on those modern-day appliances, Waze or whatever you call it – they should have looked at the map(s) that I had printed for them and they would be able to see it there. As a matter of fact, I did suggest this place to them in the itinerary that I prepared for them.

They loved the crabs…

Hai Bing crabs

…of course, so very cheap they said, compared to prices in KL and they had TWO plates – one in their signature recipe, fried with egg and leek and what not, one style that they can’t find back home, they said and the other with black pepper.

They had see ham (cockles) and siput sedut (balitongs)…

Hai Bing siput sudut

…too and they loved them to bits!

For the vegetable dishes, they had their cangkok manis fried with egg and they actually liked the one here more than the one we had on their last day in town. Other than that, they had their midin, of course…

Hai Bingidin with belacan

According to them, they can’t get these two over in KL.

I did suggest to them that should they happen to come here, they must order the drunken prawns…

Hai Bing drunken prawns

…with those giant freshwater big-head prawns/udang galah but it looked like it fell on deaf ears. I had that once and I enjoyed it a lot but of course, that dish would not come cheap, not with those killer prawns!

Well, even without the latter, dinner did not come cheap – over RM400 for the 7 of them but they felt it was absolutely worth it and I am pretty sure that if they had a chance, they sure would want to come back here agian.

HAI BING SEAFOOD RESTAURANT is located right beside Eden Inn (2.285223, 111.831256), to the left, along Jalan Maju, right across the road from the Rejang Esplanade.

Author: suituapui

Ancient relic but very young at heart. Enjoys food and cooking...and travelling and being with friends.

8 thoughts on “It’s your choice…”

  1. I also feel that waze usually takes you to a longer route, like a merry-go-round whereas the actual place you are heading to is just nearby. I would leave out the crabs when I eat out. First thing, you need all ten fingers, very messy indeed and also there is no much meat to eat. I sure love the see ham more than the crabs.

    That is the beauty of this place – the crabs are big with lots of meat…and they are not the farmed ones from Limbang & Lawas. I will never eat those after hearing all the horror stories about them. The price here is also very beautiful but it’s value for money – obviously, a lot of people feel that same way and that is why it is always crowded.

    Part of the enjoyment in eating crabs is using all fingers to get the meat out, will need time to do it and eat slowly…and chit-chat and enjoy each other’s company at the same time. Those not keen on getting their hands dirty, better go and eat something else…or get someone who will do it for them, like my girl and her mum. LOL!!!

    Maybe the direction given by Waze is for people driving cars. Lots of one way streets so they could not just walk straight here and had to go round and round instead.

  2. Wah…all look good. I bet your friends will make it a point to come back to Sibu.

    I hope they will! Sure would be looking forward to that. What about you? When are you coming? I’ll be right here waiting…

  3. google maps is good for walkers, waze for drivers 😉 but it’s ok, an hour’s walking probably built up their appetite for a great meal! 😀

    LOL!!! Yes, I got all my maps from Google and printed them out for them.

  4. All of them looks so good, where’s the photo of seahum tho? 😀

    They’re all my old photos, I did not go with them that night – I do not have one of the see ham.

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