We were there…

Last year, when my cousin from Sydney, Australia was home, he was able to attend his youngest brother’s second daughter’s wedding. This year, the eldest daughter got married earlier in Miri and the wedding reception here was held on Christmas Eve at a leading hotel in town and all of us were there to share the joy of this happy occasion.

The dinner that evening started off with this dish…

Phoenix Court Paramount Hotel Four Seasons

…the Four Seasons, just that here, you will get more than four most of the time.

I loved the roast chicken…

Phoenix Court Paramount Hotel roast chicken

…more than the slices in the middle with some kind of sauce, Thai chili sauce most likely.

The steamed kim chio (golden pomfret), Teochew style…

Phoenix Court Paramount Hotel steamed fish

…was great and there was this broccoli…

Phoenix Court Paramount Hotel broccoli

…with mushroom and whatever else too.

Everyone at my table were in agreement over the fact that this prawn dish…

Phoenix Court Paramount Hotel prawns & jellyfish

…was the best that evening and the jellyfish in the middle was very good too.

The dinner ended with Chinese pancake with red bean paste filling and a fruit platter for dessert.

Congratulations once again to the happy couple and to the proud and happy parents, cousin Jimmy and his wife, Lily, and thank you so much for the invitation. It  certainly was a lovely evening, getting together with my next-of-kin on my paternal side of the family.

PHOENIX COURT (2.293350, 111.820971) is located at Paramount Hotel at No. 3, Lorong 9A, Jalan Kampong Dato here in Sibu.

Author: suituapui

Ancient relic but very young at heart. Enjoys food and cooking...and travelling and being with friends.

6 thoughts on “We were there…”

  1. I like my fish steamed instead of fried so the steamed kim chio looks very good to me.

    Not my girl but she is slowly acquiring the taste and is beginning to enjoy it. As for me, it depends on the fish.

  2. All the dishes looks good. The prawn dish looks simple and I wonder what makes the prawn dish the best that evening? The taste and the way it was cook? I like fish in any way, steamed or deep fried.

    The prawns were coated with some special sauce and it was very nice, dunno what sauce that was. The fish was o.k. – not all that into kim chio, I enjoyed eating the tofu.

  3. Roast chicken and steamed fish attracted my attention. Lol.

    They were ok, pretty much the usual – the prawns were a hit.

  4. Everything looks good! My favorite is always the Four Seasons and the Chinese Pancake. Usually by the time the pancake is served, everyone s full to the brim!

    I enjoy the pancake too and no matter what, I would help myself to as much as possible.

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