Thank God for the Blessings…

I must say that 2019 for me was not too bad a year.

Initially, in the first half of the year, it was the same old routine week after week – going to get my girl from her school in the jungle…

SK Sg Sepiring
*SK Sg Sepiring, Selangau 2013*

…and bringing her home for the weekend and sending her back after that.

Needless to say, it was quite tiresome, driving on the yet-to-be-completed Pan-Borneo Highway and once, in February, I had a horrifying experience that scared the living daylights out of me and other than that, in April, we had a punctured tyre. Thankfully, God was there with us throughout, week after week and we survived the ordeal.

In June this year, she got her transfer, praise the Lord, to her alma mater and she is very happy there and has started to put on weight, no longer skin and bone like before. In the meantime, she has been active in the church activities here in appreciation to the Lord above and to show her gratitude for His Blessings.

Now that I do not need to be around on weekends, I am quite free to travel as I please but so far, I only went to Kuching once – to attend my ex-Kanowit student’s wedding and for a lovely reunion with everybody who could be there…

Reunion with ex-students

…and in December, I went again, this time with my girl and the mum for my niece’s wedding.

Before that, we went over to Miri


…for a few days and we sure had a great time there – it was a welcome break indeed.

There were other weddings and reunions too, all in Sibu and a major one in 2019 would be the 50th Anniversary Reunion with my Class of ’69 Form 5 schoolmates, a celebration that stretched over 3 days…

50th Anniversary

…and we sure had a jolly good time and there were those times when old friends and ex-students came back – I always look forward to meeting up with family or friends coming home…and of course, all year through, I was blessed abundantly with great food to enjoy here, there and everywhere and a special thank you to all those who had invited me to join them for breakfast, lunch or dinner in the course of the year.

Here, I would like to take this opportunity, as the brand new year dawns, to thank everyone especially those who have been faithfully following this blog of mine, not that there are all that many anymore these days, and taking the time to post comments as well…and thank you too to all for the gifts, those little something along the way, the cards and everything and incidentally, thank you so much to my old friend, Tan, in Penang for sending me these…

From Penang

– they arrived right on the dot, on Christmas Day!

These Christmas cards arrived a few days later…

Christmas cards

– thank you to my dear ol’ friend, Vivien, in Kuching for the very cute “dachshund through the snow” one and my handsome young friend, Nick, in Sg Petani, Kedah (The postman says you’re welcome! LOL!!!) .

Honestly, I must say that all of you  certainly have contributed in one way or another towards making this such a wonderful year – there were happy times, there were sad times, ups and downs and of course, I must not forget to thank God for all His Blessings each and every passing day in 2019.

Here’s wishing one and all A VERY HAPPY NEW YEAR, may God bless us all on this day and throughout the year ahead…

HNY 2020


Author: suituapui

Ancient relic but very young at heart. Enjoys food and cooking...and travelling and being with friends.

7 thoughts on “Thank God for the Blessings…”

  1. Happy New Year 2020!!!…and thank you so much for your lovely post each and everyday throughout the year 2019. May God Bless you abundantly.

    Thank you to you too – I sure enjoyed doing that. Happy 2020 and may God bless you and your loved ones too. Cheers!

  2. happy new year arthur. May 2020 bring the best in us ! 🙂

    .. and more huat to win Magnum

    …and TOTO!!! Tonight’s the night! HUAT AHHHHH!!!! LOL!!!

    Happy New Year to you and your loved ones too, Isaac!

  3. A good summary and recap of 2019. I would say having your girl closer is the best to happen last year. And few trips here and there within Sarawak. Maybe this year a few holiday outside Sarawak??

    Happy New Year to you and family. God bless you all.

    Thanks, and the same to you and yours.

    I don’t think I will venture very far, maybe to KK – my cousin there is very angry with me already, not been there for so so so long…and maybe JB, never been there before. I’m not into long hauls. Time is too short to waste sitting idle in a plane. After all, what’s good anywhere will be the people that one knows there…and the food! Not so into tourist spots…nor shopping.

  4. 2019 was not really a good year because of something that happened which i will not go into details, but still i am staying positive and looking forward to year 2020.

    Hope you have another wonderful year in year 2020 stp, you are indeed a blessed man, well loved by many. I will still support your blog in the year to come and many more years down the road.

    Happy 2020. Cheers to a new decade!

    Thanks and the same to you, it’s a new year and things can only get better. Yes, stay positive, be happy…and thanks for your support and your kind words.

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