I heard of this place on my last trip to Kuching – they said the beef noodles were nice but I did not have the chance to go and try as it was a little out of the way from where I was staying and even more so where I was staying on my recent trip to the city. Why! I read somewhere that it even has a branch in Uptown PJ, Selangor.

Much to my delight, I spotted this stall…

MOOnCUP BY NUROMEN, Plaza Merdeka, Kuching

…on the lower ground floor of the mall adjoining the hotel so of course, I just had to stop by to give it a try.

For the uninitiated, nuro (牛肉/niúròu) means beef and men (面/miàn) means noodles so nuromen (牛肉面/niúròu miàn) actually means beef noodles.

I asked for the beef noodles special (RM10.50)…

MOOnCUP by Nuromen, Kuching beef noodles special

…and got the very nice kolo mee-like noodles, kosong (empty/without meat)…

Mee kosong

…and this lovely beef soup…

Beef soup

…which had quite  a lot of beef, beef tripe and tendons in it…

Beef, tripe and tendons

The chili dip was great and on the whole, I sure did like it a lot more than the Ah Mui beef noodles that I had at one of their current outlets – we so loved the old man’s beef noodles at the Open Air Market in Kuching a long long time ago, way back in the 70’s!

As I was leaving, I noticed this sign…


My missus did buy some hay peah (prawn fritters) from a stall in the food court on the 3rd floor and took some back to the room and yes, we thought it was really good, as nice as Peterson’s which some say is not so nice these days, not like before.

Of course I bought some…

Hay peah

…for my girl and the mum to try and yes, the hay peah was just as good and cheaper too plus there was a lot of crushed peanut in the chili dip – there wasn’t any in the one they bought earlier.

I sure would not mind stopping by for the beef noodles and/or hay peah should I happen to be passing by this way again.

MOOnCUP BY NUROMEN is located on the Lower Ground Floor of the Plaza (1.558279, 110.344049) at No. 88, Jalan Pearl in Kuching.

Author: suituapui

Ancient relic but very young at heart. Enjoys food and cooking...and travelling and being with friends.

3 thoughts on “Mooo…”

  1. Your bowl of beef noodles looks great with all the beef, beef triples and tendons..I agree with you that Ah Mui beef noodles at Open Air market was the best way back in the 70’s. I used to love it a lot. I remember there is a stall selling nice beef noodles at Green Hill Road too but haven’t had it for a long time as parking there is a pain. Don’t know whether it is still as good as before.

    I heard the Green Hill one’s the cousin. Still there, they say but I have not been for ages. Have not stayed at Harbour View for a long long long time. There used to be a good one at Peterson (Satok) too, the other side of the hay peah stall – used to go and eat when I stayed at Regalia, dunno if it is still there or not.

  2. Been to its outlet somewhere near Sarawak Plaza. The first and only time. Never go back.

    Have not go to this MoonNCup outlet in the plaza.

    Looks good, pretty much the same…but the prices!!! So much cheaper, maybe because this one is in a mall or the prices have shot up like everything else. Sobssss!!!!

    Oh? So it’s at Chan Chin Ann! All this while, I thought it’s somewhere around Kuching Park Hotel. Next time I stay at 360, I will walk there!

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