Love it here…

After the somewhat disappointing brunch the day before, I told my girl that I would take her to some place really nice when she woke up the next morning. Since we were on some kind of holiday, we would want to go for the best around, not some mediocre stuff that would come nowhere near the things we would be able to get back home.

I was here before but only for the cakes and even though the tea ceremony would be held there the very next day, I did not expect anything too elaborate served for the buffet brunch or lunch.

I dropped by a day earlier to find out what they would have on their breakfast menu but they said they did not have one. Nonetheless, all that they had on their regular menu would be available from 10.00 a.m. onwards – that’s when they open for business.

So there we were that morning, past 10.00, almost eleven and yes, my girl was so fascinated with the place and had her photographs taken here, there and everywhere and once she was done, we settled down at a table…

Commons, Kuching

…and placed our orders.

She had their pineapple ginger iced tea (RM10.00)…

Commons, Kuching pineapple ginger iced tea

…and not only did it look great, it tasted really great too and she loved it! I was quite happy with my iced Americano (RM10.00) that you can see in the background in the photograph.

The mum had their apple ginger mojito (RM12.00)…

Commons, Kuching apple ginger mojito

…and never the adventurous type, she went for what she would usually go for at such places if they have that on their menu, the mee mamak (RM22.00)…

Commons, Kuching mee mamak

…and she was surprised that the yellow noodles were quite different from our bigger alkaline-free ones in Sibu. Well, there was no complaint from her after that so I guess it was all right.

My girl enjoyed her patty melt (RM30.00)…

Commons, Kuching patty melt

…very much while I went for the fish & chips, sea bass (RM38.00)…

Commons, Kuching fish and chips

…the instant I saw in the menu that it wasn’t dory and yes, it was really good.

We were already very full by the time we finished so we only ordered a slice of their carrot cake (RM14.00)…

Commons, Kuching carrot cake

…to share and yes, that was good too!

At the tea ceremony the next day, the buffet spread included one Indonesian-style chicken with its very nice sambal to go with it, chicken bolognese spaghetti, sweet & sour fish fillet and pineapple fried rice and for dessert, we had carrot cake, a somewhat simpler one than the one we had the day before with a finer texture, no cream but it was nice too, plus a free flow of iced drinks and tea and coffee.

I could not resist ordering their basque burnt cheesecake (RM14.00) which was sold out and not available the day before and their lemon meringue pie (RM14.00)…

Commons, Kuching burnt cheesecake and lemon meringue pie

The latter was very nice but the former was like the usual no-bake cheesecake minus the crust at the bottom plus the burnt layer on top, not something that I would enjoy. My girl said that she had that at a coffee place in Sibu and that was what it should be like – nothing like the one I had where the cake was something like the Japanese baked cotton cheese cake but that would be something right down my alley.

Well, we sure enjoyed our brunch that morning and that afternoon, we had high tea at my auntie‘s house, a family reunion of sorts and of course, there were lots to eat but unfortunately, I forgot to take any photographs there so there will not be any post on it.

COMMONS (1.559665, 110.344973) is located at the Old Court House, Jalan Tun Abg Haji Openg, facing the Kuching waterfront.

Author: suituapui

Ancient relic but very young at heart. Enjoys food and cooking...and travelling and being with friends.

9 thoughts on “Love it here…”

  1. It would have to be seabass fish and chips with pineapple ginger tea for me. Sounds so tasty!

    Yes, the coffee’s good too…if you are into the Starbucks kind of coffee. I’m more into the Sibu coffee shop local brews.

  2. Mee mamak at RM22. Gasp! Haha. I would so go for the seabass for sure. Yums!

    Exactly!!! But my missus isn’t really into all this ang moh cuisine. At that price, at least they could give a few big prawns.

  3. Both the drinks looks refreshing. I would love the mee mamak and carrot cake.

    You must be my missus’ long lost twin sister. At RM22, I sure would not want to go for the kopitiam, hawker stall stuff!

  4. i love the look of the creamy carrot cake – so moist and mighty, textured with so many ingredients 😀

    Yes, the cakes here are really good, very rich, very sweet, very expensive but very good. LOL!!!

  5. Pineaaple ginger iced tea?? I couldnt imagine the taste. Never had such drink before.

    Fish & chips for me!!!

    We have pineapple ginger soda at Payung here, my girl’s favourite and she loves their Indian ginger tea too. Looks like this was killing two birds with one stone. She loved it!

  6. RM22 for mee mamak? Things come not cheap.

    Yes, truth be told, I was quite pissed off that my missus wanted to order that because I took them there to give them a special treat to enjoy things one wouldn’t be able to get at coffee shops and hawker stalls at around 20% the price. If she had wanted that, she could have gone to that mamak shop across the road. Tsk! Tsk!

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