Walking in the dark…

I would usually go to bed early, at around 9.00 p.m. and get up at around 4 or 5 when it is still dark. Early to bed, early to rise makes a man healthy and wise, so they say.

However, when I was in Kuching, I did not call it a day that early, past 10 or later and yet, I would wake up at around that same time. That was why I could go out and walk around in the dark in search of something I could try for my pre-breakfast breakfast.

The first morning there, I had the kueh chap at Lao Ya Keng and the second morning, I went around the area to see what else I could find. This one…

Duck mee coffee shop

…was open and looking at what was available at the stall in front, much to my delight, I saw that they had duck noodles!

I loved the duck kolo mee at Sg Tenggang, a little bazaar along the road from Kuching to Sibu so of course, I wasted no time in ordering that…

Duck kolo mee Carpenter Street Kuching

I can’t remember how much that was now – I think it was RM4.50-5.00 – things are not as cheap as in Sibu there. The duck was fine but they tossed the noodles in the gravy from cooking the braised duck so it drowned out the kolo mee taste plus it was way too strong on the ginger and I did not really enjoy it. In the end, I just finished the meat and left most of the noodles behind.

There was a lane beside the shop and there were a kueh chap and a chicken rice stall there and tables and chairs laid out for customers to sit and eat. I did not bother about those, of course.

I did notice this coffee shop…

Nyan Shin Cafe Kuching

…at the corner of Carpenter Street and China Street that morning because of the lovely blue windows and all the plants around them…

Blue windows

One of my cousins told me the following day that their traditional Hakka handmade noodles from this stall there…

Traditional Hakka handmade noodles stall

…was nice so I went back on another morning to give it a try…

Nyan Shin Cafe, Kuching traditional Hakka handmade noodles
*Oopsss!!! Sorry for the blurry pic!*

I can’t remember how much that was either, probably the same as the duck mee and I also asked for a bowl of the kiaw, dry…

Nyan Shin Cafe, Kuching kiaw

…or what we call pian sip in Sibu except that they only look the same – the ones here had more meat and all lean, it seemed so it was kind of “coarse”. Other than that, perhaps it was the preparation, the ingredients added and maybe the texture of the skin as well so it did not taste the same either. My girl had this at Lao Ya Keng and she liked it – as for me, I think I would stick to our good ol’ Sibu pain sip.

I saw that they had mutton noodles at the stall and later, somebody told me that it was nice, and their beef noodles too but I did not have time to go back and try. Another time perhaps!

The duck mee coffee shop (1.558132, 110.34614) is two doors to the left of Ann Lee Restaurant along Carpenter Street in Kuching, separated from the Kuching Hainan Association to its left by a small lane and Nyan Shin Cafe (1.558215, 110.345923) is located to the right at the corner, at the junction of the aforementioned street and China Street. 

Author: suituapui

Ancient relic but very young at heart. Enjoys food and cooking...and travelling and being with friends.

6 thoughts on “Walking in the dark…”

  1. I had found very nice duck noodles at changi airport t3 food court in sg. The duck meat in your noodles look good though.

    The meat was good. I would have enjoyed it if they had kolo mee underneath, not the noodles tossed in the lor ark sauce.

  2. My favourite place to have Hakka handmade noodles. Their mutton and beef noodles are nice too. For the Hakka noodles, you can either have meat or chicken toppings. RM4 for small serving and RM5 for big.

    Ah! I vaguely remember thinking that things are so expensive in Kuching – I think I had the RM5.00 one. Didn’t have time to go back and try the mutton & the beef…but the Hakka noodles, I recall the one I had in Seremban was nicer…and all the while, I was thinking how much I would enjoy the kampua mee and pian sip in Sibu. Was all right, good for a change but I would not go out of my way for that when in Kuching.

  3. Guess it’s quite inevitable to have ginger with duck, balancing it is a bit of black magic isn’t it?

    The sauce would probably be great with rice but I did not like it with the noodles. In the town on the way from Kuching to Sibu, they tossed the kolo mee like kolo mee and placed the braised duck on top, no sauce. I loved it so much!

  4. i’m a late riser, and it feels like a quarter of the day is done by the time i’m out of bed, so i think you’re definitely the wiser person, you make full use of the daylight! 🙂

    Bet you stay up late painting the town red! LOL!!!

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