Perfect timing…

I celebrated my 67th birthday on the 2nd of December.

This card from my maternal cousin in Cheras, KL

Card from KL

…came a day or two later but as they say, better late than never. Initially, I thought it was a Christmas card but actually, it was for my birthday…

Birthday card

Thanks for the card, Christina or Christie, for short!

Life sure is full of delightful surprises and talking about that, this came as a surprise as well. My ex-student from my English tuition class, now an English teacher in her own right, just got back from Kuching and she dropped by my house to pass me this very nice butter cake

Mita butter cake

…from there. Thank you so much, Christina. Gee!!! Two Christinas in a row! How about that! What a coincidence!

This came in at the same time as my cousin’s birthday card and yes, this is a Christmas card…

Christmas card

…from my dear paternal cousin all the way in Perth, Australia, thanks to you too, Yvette.

So how did I celebrate my birthday that day? That will be in tomorrow’s post so do come back for that!