Choose one…

This movie

Last Christmas tickets

…premiered in Malaysia on the 28th of November and since we were in Miri at the time, flying back the very next day, I made it a point to go and watch it there instead of coming back to Sibu and catching it at our not-so-nice trioplex here.

We had to choose between this cineplex here and this one…

TGV Cinemas

in the new wing here and according to my cousin’s wife, the latter is newer and nicer. I sure enjoyed the movie, light-hearted entertainment and I love the music of George Michael that sounded so nice with the super-duper sound system of the cineplex and yes, the place was super-impressive too.

We came out past 9.00 p.m. and we wanted to go some place for dinner/supper. I had this very nice soya bean milk (RM2.80) and equally nice tofu fa (RM2.80) earlier…

Permaisuri Food Court soya bean milk & tofu fa

…at the food court on the ground floor and the selections for their nasi campur looked really good but it was already closed by then. We went to one place there serving Malay cuisine and I spoke to the fat snooty lady sitting beside the cash register to find out what time they would close and she just replied harshly, “Last order at 9.40!” We walked out of the place instantly, stunned by that kind of unbecoming attitude.

We took a cab back to the hotel and crossed the road to this place that we went to a few days earlier. My missus had their mee mamak (RM5.00)…

Ming Cafe Miri mee mamak

…and she enjoyed it but unfortunately, my girl’s meatball pasta (RM15.00)…

Ming Cafe Miri meatball pasta

…was so very disappointing. Obviously they did not drain it well – you can see the water all around the pasta in the plate and when I saw her struggling with it, I told her to just eat the meatballs and leave everything else behind.

I also ordered their pumpkin soup (RM9.00)…

Ming Cafe Miri pumpkin soup

…which was a let-down too. It was not rich and creamy and nice like what my missus would sometimes cook at home but to be fair, it tasted quite all right and came across like they had their own original recipe for that. Too bad it was not what we were expecting and did not quite tickle our fancy!

My pork burger (RM10.00)…

Ming Cafe Miri pork burger 1

…was all right…

Ming Cafe Miri pork burger 2

…but it was getting late and they had turned up the music and dimmed the lights (hence the not-very-nice snapshots), all ready to get the party started so we quickly finished eating and left the place as soon as we were through.

MING CAFE, MIRI (4.397216, 113.988902)is located at one corner of the traffic lights junction of Jalan North Yu Seng and Jalan Merbau.

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7 thoughts on “Choose one…”

    1. Some pastas at some places are nice, this wasn’t one of them. Personally l prefer aglio olio, basically tossed with garlic and olive oil, none of the rich stuff.

  1. We usually end up at the cinema only about once a year. The last film we saw was The Joker.

    That’s quite recent. I did not go and see The Joker, not my genre. Now I’m waiting for CATS, the musical…the movie.

  2. did you enjoy the movie? my favourite ‘christmas’ romance movie is probably ‘love actually’ 😀

    I saw “Love Actually” on tv when I was in New Zealand some years back, uncensored, full frontal and all!!! Not too sure if I liked it, wasn’t really watching. This one’s good, light-hearted, entertaining plus there’s the George Michael songs that I rather enjoyed.

  3. I watched that movie too but I did not like it. Oh! I dislike rude people 😦 That’s no way to respond to customers.

    Indeed! As if we owe them money! I will never go back to such places should I encounter people like that.

    Oh? You didn’t like the movie? I thought it was nice…enough but no, it was in no way overwhelming, did not leave me breathless like “Bohemian Rhapsody”.

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