Big one, small one…

On our final day in Miri, my cousin was persistent in asking us out and in the end, we relented and agreed to go out for tea with him here…

New Sau Pau Cafe, Miri

…at 3.00 in the afternoon. He said that the original one at Jalan Permaisuri in the city centre was nicer but it was not so comfortable especially when customers would have to sit on small, flimsy stools, definitely not something for someone big, my shape and size.

I guess “sau” (烧) in the name means “baked”, and not “small” (小) and it completely slipped my mind at that point in time but actually, a friend of mine did buy me a box of their sio pao (baked buns) once 10 years ago…and we also had that…

Sio pao, curry puff and the rest

…when we were there that day. I would say it was good, nicer than the Seremban ones and I liked the whole chunks of meat in the char siew filling as opposed to those paste-like ones elsewhere.

The steamed char siew pao

Char siew pao and the rest

…was very good too and I enjoyed all the different types of pastries…

Pastry 1

…available here…

Pastry 2

…so many that one would be spoilt for choice. Unfortunately, it was kind of dim inside the cafe and that made it difficult for me to take nice photos of all that we had, nice enough to do them justice, that is.

After having enjoyed everything that we wanted to try to our hearts’ content, my cousin took us on a drive on a car tour all over Miri to places like the beautiful Luak Bay beach and we saw all the ultra-gigantic mansions that would put the one in Crazy Rich Asians to shame, Tanjong Lobang Beach, Coco Cabana at Marina Bay (if you are staying at the hotel where we stayed, they have a free shuttle service to take you here)…and so on and so forth.

After all that, he dropped us off at a mall to catch a movie. Yes, you read that right but that will be in the next post. Stick around!

NEW SAU PAU CAFE [新烧包] (4.416477, 114.010282) is located at Lot 2508, Ground Floor, Jalan Miri Pujut, Boulevard Commercial Centre.