Running out of time…

All too soon, we were down to our final day in Miri and I was running out of time. There were places that I wanted to go and check out but I could only eat so much in a day. That was why even though I was still so full from breakfast, I simply had to go here…

Hainan Cafe Miri

…not far from the hotel where we were staying to see what they had on their menu. My girl had gone out with her friends and my missus said she would go around the vicinity of the hotel on her own so I made my way there alone, carrying an umbrella for a bit of relief from the heat of the scorching Miri sun!

I was so disappointed that day by what I had at that old restaurant at Carpenter Street in Kuching so I ordered the one here (RM7.50)…

Hainanese curry chicken rice

– the Hainanese curry chicken rice to try. It was all right – I felt that the curry gravy was a little too thick with too much santan (coconut milk). There was no char siew (barbecued pork) but they did give a few slices of those freshly-made Chinese sausage…

Chinese sausage

…and even though I asked for the innards to be left out, my instructions fell on deaf ears. The girl waiting at my table offered to take it back to change but I said it was all right. I was fine with the liver and I just left the gizzards by the side. Personally, I think my own do-it-yourself version of the dish at our favourite chicken rice place here was nicer.

I had the Hainanese pork chop in Penang a long long time ago and I wanted to try the one here (RM22.90)…

Hainanese pork chop

The pork…


…was great but the gravy was way too thick for my liking. The Penang one was so much nicer and so much cheaper too, RM3.50 only!

Perhaps I was still full from breakfast so I did not think I enjoyed my orders all that much and of course, I did not eat everything and licked the plates clean – I only ate as much as I could manage.

The kopi-o-peng (RM2.70) wasn’t anything to shout about either but I must say that I loved their tagline on their menu…

Hainan Cafe tagline

HAINAN CAFE (4.397233, 113.985722) is located along Jalan Bendahara Waterfront, off Jalan Bendahara to the right of the Mega Hotel, Miri.

Author: suituapui

Ancient relic but very young at heart. Enjoys food and cooking...and travelling and being with friends.

12 thoughts on “Running out of time…”

  1. All claimed to be Hainanese chicken rice but to me they are the same. Truth be told I can’t differentiate it myself. I never like my curry chicken rice to be drowned with the gravy, prefer it to be served separately.

  2. Wah, you ordered two dishes to eat on a full stomach after breakfast. No wonder you could not finish both. I have not seen Hainanese curry chicken rice here in kl. Hainanese chicken chop yes and at Yut Kee, I think they may have Hainanese pork chop. What are the gizzards you didn’t eat? if it is chicken stomach, I am ok but not chicken heart.

  3. I think you were still full from breakfast.. normally it is like that… if I were still full, other food might not taste as good as in empty stomach…

  4. I know what you mean by so little time and so much to eat! You were so determined, eating two dishes even after a filling breakfast. Mission accomplished!

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