How could you…

I found out about this Thai restaurant…

Nok An Net Thai Food, Miri

…while I was googling for places to eat prior to our trip to Miri and it was right behind the hotel where we stayed. Of course, we grabbed the opportunity to go there and give it a try and my friend/ex-student, Louis, who happened to be in Miri on a working trip that evening, joined us there for dinner.

When I paid for everything that we had, I asked for the bill and got this…


Gee!!! I couldn’t read that! It was all in Thai but that, of course, is testament to the authenticity of the place.

The pad Thai

Nok An Net pad Thai

…was really good and we sure enjoyed it a lot. I wish I could say the same about the pineapple fried rice…

Nok An Net pineapple fried rice

…which was basically just kunyit rice, not much else and I had that prawn on top and it was slightly off. Thankfully, that was the odd one out – the rest were all fine.

My girl wanted the tom kah gai

Nok An Net tom kha kai

…a spicy and sour hot soup with coconut milk and chicken,  instead of tom yam and she enjoyed that a lot. I felt it was too sour for me so I let her have my bowl as well.

The green curry…

Nok An Net green curry

…was quite disappointing, nowhere near the very nice one here and the pork…

Nok An Net pork

…was kind of hard and dry so we did not think much of it.

They also had the celebrated boat noodles…

Nok An Net boat noodles

…on their menu and I simply had to order that to try. It didn’t bowl us over – and no, it did not taste anything like what I had at the franchise place the day before. My girl said that the soup tasted like instant noodles and I certainly would agree. It was something like the soup in that Tung-i instant chicken bihun.

The moment we arrived at the place, I noticed ALL the photographs of my favourite Thai dessert – the mango sticky rice – stuck all over the walls and that got me all excited! Of course, as soon as we were done, we asked for that and imagine my disappointment when they informed us that they were out of Thai mango and the dessert was not available! How could you!!! They said they had not had the imported mango for a few months now so the least they could do was to remove all those photos on the wall. Tsk! Tsk! I was quite disgusted, really!!!

Considering that this restaurant was nothing more than just a coffee shop, nothing fancy, nothing classy and not air-conditioned, I thought the total, over RM80, was a bit on the high side.

NOK AN NET Thai Food (4.396582, 113.987337) is located in the last block of shophouses on the left towards the end Jalan Maju that links Jalan South Yu Seng to Jalan Bendahara.

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