You won…

This place…

Ming Cafe Miri

…in Miri won the Sarawak Hornbill Tourism Award in a different category that same year when Payung Café won theirs. It is located diagonally across the traffic lights junction beside the hotel where we were staying so of course, I could not wait to walk over and check the place out.

I did ask my cousin about it and he said that it was a watering hole – people would go there for drinks…

Watering hole

…and he didn’t know if the food was good or otherwise. In fact, he did not even know they served food there but he said that it would only open by late afternoon or early evening around 4 – I am not sure how accurate his information was but it definitely was not open for lunch.

We went around 6 that day and there was quite a crowd already. A very young Filipino boy came and took our orders – there were a couple of hiccups but later, I found out that it was his first day on the job and since he was very pleasant and nice, all was forgiven.

My missus wanted the seafood noodles, wet (RM5.00)…

Ming Cafe Miri seafood noodles

…so I ordered that to share. It sure was cheap, especially for an upscale, classier café and it was all right, nothing to shout about but good enough.

The lamb shank (RM20.00)…

Ming Cafe Miri lamb shank

…was kind of disappointing though as it was not fall-off-the-bone-tender and it was not served on a bed of mashed potatoes plus whatever gravy that was, it did not get me jumping with delight…but at that price, I really do not see any cause for complaint.

The pork meatballs (RM10.00)…

Ming Cafe Miri pork meatballs

…were really good and we absolutely loved their herby sausage and mash (RM25.00)…

Ming Cafe Miri herby sausage & mash

They have an air-conditioned section but we did not want to go and sit in there as the atmosphere was much nicer outside with music and those happy people all around.

MING CAFE, MIRI (4.397216, 113.988902)is located at one corner of the traffic lights junction of Jalan North Yu Seng and Jalan Merbau.

Author: suituapui

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5 thoughts on “You won…”

  1. I like their tables. Big enough to put your food especially when you are in large group of people.

    That’s a long one for big groups. Ours was big enough for 4-6, I think and there are high bar-types tables for 2-4.

  2. lamb shank for only rm20, now thats a steal.. pity it did not taste up to mark..

    spot a typo here. “I did ask my cousin about it and he said that it was a watering hole – people would go their for drinks… ” 🙂

    Ok, checked…and thanks. Gee! It must have been a bad day, that day when I was writing this scheduled post.

  3. I sure would enjoy those meatballs as i love pork.

    Come to think of it, we did not even know if it was pork, we did not ask. But they do serve pork burgers here.

  4. very reasonable price with such ambiance.
    seafood noodle with visible prawn & sotong for only RM5!

    Unbelievable, the prices! I think they draw the crowd for the drinks mostly. Nice place!

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