That day when we arrived, my cousin’s wife left specific instructions to call her the following day if we wanted to go anywhere but we did not do that as we did not have any place in mind, just that megamall up the street and we could jolly well walk there ourselves, no need to bother her.

The megamall has been around for a long long time now and I hear there is a new wing but it has been so well maintained that I could not tell the difference – the whole place looks really good with all the branded names and truth be told, what we have here in Sibu comes nowhere close.

When we got there, I called my cousin’s wife to tell her where we were and ask her not to trouble herself as we were fine and could get around by ourselves. In no time at all, there she was at the mall and she insisted on taking us here…

Excapade, Bintang Megamall

…for lunch…


…even though we were so very full from breakfast and had no plans whatsoever to eat anything till later. Incidentally, this Brunei franchise has another outlet in the vicinity of the Tanjong Lobang beach in Miri.

My girl had her favourite – the unagi don

Excapade unagi don

…and she said it was all right, same as what one would get anywhere else.

The mum ordered their tako meshi (mixed rice with octopus)…

Excapade tako meshi

…which looked like fried rice to me and she too said it was all right.

I have had ramen at Japanese restaurants a few times, very few and I did not think I had any that swept me off my feet and I fail to understand why a lot of people seem to rave over the ones they have here, there and everywhere. That was why that day, I asked for the beef ramen in miso soup…

Excapade beef ramen in miso soup

…and at best, I would say that I quite enjoyed it but I liked the Taiwanese beef noodles I had the day before a lot more as I would very much prefer beef soup/broth to miso soup in a bowl of beef noodles. To each his own, I guess.

The onsen tamago

Excapade onsen tamago

…was a little overcooked – the yolk was moist but not quite runny. I sure can do a better job at cooking that.

My cousin’s wife ordered these…

Excapade sushi

…to share and they were all right too.

After that, we continued our tour of the megamall to see what we could buy and cart home.

This EXCAPADE outlet is located on the ground floor to the left of the main entrance of the Bintang Megamall (4.396911, 113.993408) in Miri.