I’m wondering…

If you’re wondering why this place…

Wondering Seafood Restaurant Miri

…is called Wondering, well, actually, I’m wondering that same thing too! LOL!!!

My cousin and his missus insisted on taking us out for dinner on our first night in Miri and that was how we ended up here with one of their daughters and one of their sons, 7 of us altogether.

The sweet and sour pork was really very good…

Sweet and sour pork

…and I loved their sizzling tofu with minced meat in a hot plate…

Sizzling tofu


The belacan (dried prawn paste) that they used for their fried midin


…was not quite to my liking but we sure enjoyed their salted egg fried lotus root slices…

Salted egg lotus root

I hear we can get these in Sibu too but so far, I have only come across pumpkin done this way.

This looked like it was their signature dish – most everybody was having it, their curry fish…

Curry fish

I loved the gravy but no, to me, it was not exactly curry but something like nyonya asam curry with a slightly sourish taste. Personally, I like this more than curry per se.

That sure was an awesome dinner and a wonderful start to our holiday in Miri, thank you so much, Raphael & Amy – we must go out some place for dinner the next time you two are in town!

WONDERING SEAFOOD RESTAURANT (4.387101, 113.984213) is located at Shoplot 1433, Block 10, Centre Point Commercial Centre Phase 2, Off Jalan Kubu.