Time to fly…

When my girl was little, she loved going on holidays, staying in hotels with swimming pools and she would go and play all day and refuse to get out of the water even though she was already all wrinkled and shivering!

Of course we could not afford to go to a lot of places even with the three-year free passage to places in Peninsula Malaysia, a privilege that I enjoyed being entitled to it having joined the service before July 1978. That was why most of the time, I would have to drive instead and we would head westwards to Kuching or eastwards to Bintulu and Miri. She was a great traveller – she would sleep from the moment we started till the moment we arrived.

We never went to Miri again after that until that year in 2014, when she had to go for a course there but unfortunately, she had to check into the resort where it was held upon arrival and only came out when it ended and it was time to go home. That was why I suggested going over for a few days and of course, she was keen…and of course, driving these days is out of the question with the horrendously horrifying road conditions resulting from the on-going construction of the Pan-Borneo Highway. That left us with no choice – we just had to fly over!

There is MasWings, the airline that provides the so-called rural air services here, flying from Sibu to Bintulu and to Miri and KK in Sabah. We do not have to go to the airport early unlike when flying on that budget airline but nonetheless, we went two hours ahead of the ETD (estimated time of departure). After checking in and dropping off our baggage, we went to the outlet of our Sarawak’s own fast food franchise there for lunch.

I ordered their three-layer coffee (RM4.90)…

Sugar Bun 3-layer coffee

…my favourite drink there at the moment. They also have tea but I am a coffee person.

The ladies had iced Ribena (RM3.80 each) with the sets they ordered. My girl wanted the fish fillet with their savoury rice (RM13.20)…

Sugar Bun fish & rice

…while the mum had two pieces of their broasted chicken, spicy with their chicken rice (RM13.80)…

Sugar Bin broasted chicken & rice

…and much to our surprise, the rice was pretty good, nicer than a lot of places around town.

I had their nasi lemak classic (RM6.90)…

Sugar Bin nasi lemak classic + broasted chicken drumstick

…with a special request for one piece of their broasted chicken drumstick, spicy (RM4.80) which was all right too, not the best in town, that’s for sure but definitely a whole lot nicer than many at a lot of places around here.

After our early lunch, we proceeded to the departure lounge to wait for our plane.