Who’s next…

This is most probably the third one in line serving that Sabah-inspired pork soup & noodles after the first one here and the second one but it…

Another one

…may well be a branch of the latter, I wouldn’t know.

Well, one thing I do know is that there were others here before like this Singapore laksa franchise and this pretty nice one with the beef noodles and there may be others before them too but somehow, they did not last very long.

Of course, I wanted the soup with innards (RM6.00, small)…


…just that there were only two bits of intestines and two slices of liver in it.

As for the noodles, I saw somebody having something that looked like KL Hokkien mee, big thick strands and black with the dark soy sauce used in the preparation. I asked the boy taking my orders and he said that would be the pan mee so I said I wanted that.

Unfortunately, this was what I got (RM5.00, small)…

Pan mee

…and no, that was not the one I wanted.

All in all, I thought both my orders were all right, not anything to get excited about and you will not catch me rushing back for more…especially at those prices. For one thing, there were quite a lot of customers there that morning unlike the ones before so it is quite likely that this one will last a lot longer than the rest.

This branch of Nibong Corner (2.292472, 111.826947) is located along Jalan Bindang among the Tunku Osman area of shops, right next to the Singapore Chicken Rice outlet there behind the HSBC Building.

Author: suituapui

Ancient relic but very young at heart. Enjoys food and cooking...and travelling and being with friends.

6 thoughts on “Who’s next…”

  1. In the first place you should not have ordered it when the boy told you that would be pan mee. I thought the noodles used in KL Hockkien mee are round and thick, nothing flat and look like our mee pok. The soup with innards looks good though.

    A bit on the light side. Maybe it was early in the morning, they had not simmered the pork bones enough or maybe it’s like that. Not cheap – same as the other place. I went once and I never went again.

  2. The restaurant serving Sabah style pork noodles at my office area is still going strong. This post of yours might take me back there. Hmmm…. I want the dark soya sauce noodles hee..hee…

    It was good but we do have nicer pan mee elsewhere around town.

  3. Need to get me some sang yuk mien again when I go to KK

    I did not get to eat it there – hopefully, I will get to do so the next time I hop over. Food’s good in KK, a tad expensive…but good.

  4. Not so crazy about the pan mee in soy sauce or the KL noodle as well. Had that in KK few months ago.

    I prefer the pan mee to what I had that first time at the other place – probably KK’s konlou mee. At least this pan mee is a little bit nicer, not great but nicer by a little bit.

  5. For pan mee, i prefer the soup version. Yes like the rest, i think the boy might have misunderstood your order.

    He did not even go to the table to see, just jumped to the conclusion based on my description but the pan mee was probably better, so not really a problem.

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