What I like about you…

I bought a pack of this made-in-Singapore instant noodles…

KOKA laksa Singapura

…for my girl since she is so into their nyonya curry laksa but she did not give it a try till the other night and she loved it!

I can’t remember how much it cost now but it should be in the region of RM10.00 as if it had been much more than that, I would have second thoughts about buying.

There are 5 packets inside and in each packet, there are 3 sachets – the seasoning powder, the seasoning oil and the coconut powder…


As always, I boiled the noodles first and drained well before putting it in a bowl. Then I boiled some more water and threw one freshwater prawn in it for the stock to cook the soup. Once ready, I emptied the contents of the sachets into it and brought it back to boil.

Finally, I poured the soup over the noodles in the bowl and served it with the freshwater prawn, garnished with some chopped spring onions from my garden…

My bowl of laksa Singapura...

…and yes, I did boil an egg to go with it…

...with an egg


I would say it was really very good – if you are into Thai cuisine, you would love this a lot, I’m sure. What I particularly liked about it was how it was so strong with all the exotic fragrances of lemon grass, coriander, turmeric and whatever else…but no, it was not anything like curry as we know it so after my unsuccessful attempt to find some nice curry-flavoured instant noodles here and here, the search continues…

Do ignore the dates in the last two photographs. I went out for breakfast early one morning and my old digicam decided there and then to die on me – everything worked well except that no images appeared in the viewing screen. I bought a new one, something similar but a newer model and I must have pressed something somewhere so the dates appeared.

Author: suituapui

Ancient relic but very young at heart. Enjoys food and cooking...and travelling and being with friends.

6 thoughts on “What I like about you…”

  1. It looks really very tempting and nice with the added ingredients. The broth is so fiery red. Must be very hot and spicy.

    Now that you mentioned it, it is not hot and spicy at all. My girl would not have liked it if it had been so – she is not into it as much as the mum…and the mum would probably add her own extra hot chili sauce – she does that with everything. Probably the colour is from the kunyit, very strong on the taste of that and the serai.

  2. i’d trade my breakfast for your noodles with prawn and egg! actually i like seeing the time stamp on your pics – it’s like an old-school flashback to the days when all our processed polaroid photos would show the date, very convenient for those of us with bad memories 😀

    Yes, maybe for special events, I will switch it back on so the date will be there for record purposes. Sometimes I may not blog on them on the specific days, sometimes quite a while later.

  3. Your bowl of noodles is so presentable! I love the bowl too with the fruit and flower design 🙂

    It came free…probably with two tubes of toothpaste. We have a house full of those! LOL!!!

  4. Oh koka. I saw this brand before but don’t think i had tried it before. Thanks for the review. Your instant noodles always look so presentable and yummy with so much added ingredients. I am too lazy to add any ingredients that i only eat those cup noodles lol.

    Can’t remember the last time I had cup noodles – in KL, I think, a long long time ago…at the hotel, breakfast before leaving for KLIA to catch the early morning flight home.

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