One more time around…

I was in the vicinity not too long ago and it so happened that I was back there again the other day.

When I was there previously, I did buy some of the yew char koi (Chinese crullers) aka youtiao from this stall…

Fung Ming Corner yew char koi stall

…in front of the coffee shop named Fung Ming Corner. They were going for 80 sen each amd 3 for RM2.00, less than 70 sen so I bought 3. They turned out to be really good so this time around, I stopped by to buy some more.

A very nice old couple and a helper were manning the stall and I sure appreciated how they went through the trouble of putting on those masks in an effort to maintain cleanliness and good hygiene.

The old guy was the key figure in the making and he had the dough ready on his worktop…


He cut a few thin strips like this…


I saw somebody in town doing it once and after cutting out the strips, he used that same cutter to press a dent lengthwise in each strip after which, he threw them into the wok to fry. The short strip expanded in the hot oil to an impressive length and probably because of the dent, once done, it looked like two strips stuck together and we could pull them apart easily to eat.

This guy, however, did it quite differently. He took a strip and using a satay stick-like skewer he pressed a dent lengthwise in it and after that, he placed another strip on top…

One on top

…and using a chopstick, he made the dent in the one on top. Once done, he brushed the top with something (I did not ask what) and taking it, he dropped it into the hot oil in the wok…

Deep frying

…and once beautifully golden brown, it was done…

Nice golden brown

This is ALMOST like the ones we enjoyed so much during our childhood days, lots of air spaces and cushiony inside, a bit crusty on the outside, unlike the somewhat dense ones, so very doughy and rubbery, that they are selling at those stalls all over town, cakoi, they call them.

I sure wouldn’t mind going back for more should I happen to be around those parts again – I do enjoy eating them with kaya or condensed milk. In the meantime, I can also hop next door for the very nice sotong kangkong at a stall there. and by the way, the chai peah from this yew char koi stall is also pretty good (3 for RM1.00)…

Permai chai peah

FUNG MING CORNER is located right beside  PAU’S CAFE (2.298564, 111.893951) among the shops before you get to the Pasar Tani Permai to the left of Jalan Permai as you turn in from Jalan Ulu Oya, a little to the right of the Sibu General Hospital.

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6 thoughts on “One more time around…”

  1. I usually eat my yew char koi as it is with a hot cup of coffee. I love the yew char koi at Thompson Corner in Tabuan Jaya. Last time it was long and 3 for RM2. Now it is getting shorter and cost RM1 per piece.

    Yes, I remember in my younger days, they were longer, at least by one quarter and needless to day, they were dirt cheap then!

  2. You tiao and chai peah make very tasty snacks, of course must find nice ones. I like to eat my you tiao with coffee, soya bean drink or porridge. Good for you that you found really nice ones.

    They serve that with bak kut teh too…and lek tao suan as well.

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