What could be better…

My girl wanted to drop by here…

C & C Gallery

…for dinner that evening as she wanted the beef bacon carbonara (RM15.90)…

Beef bacon carbonara

…that her friend was having the last time she was here.

This place started off as a bakery at the chicken rice place round the corner and it eventually moved here. Soon, they started a section serving coffee to go with their bread, buns and cakes and not long after, I heard they had gone into serving food as well. I’ve been to the bakery a few times and my missus too and we’ve tried some of the things they sell. Some were pretty good but so far, I have not come across anything that would get me rushing back for more.

It was a nice place, not one of those pretentiously classy ones and I liked how it was bright enough for me to take decently good snapshots without having to struggle in the dark. The music was way too loud initially and I did not care for what was on their playlist either. Thankfully, they turned the volume down after a while and at one point, the members of the staff themselves were rather noisy but they too piped down eventually.

We went early and got there at around 5.15 p.m. and they duly informed us that the kitchen would only be open at 5.30. That was all right, we said, we would just wait.

In the meantime, I was rather put off by this…

Takeaway box RM0.30

As far as I know, some coffee shop stalls in town do charge for the takeaway boxes and I heard they cost 50 sen each, those flimsy cardboard ones, but at the high prices that they charge here, surely they can absorb the 30 sen instead of adding insult to injury. I am quite sure nobody would order something from here to take away but some small eaters may not finish what they have ordered and would like the leftovers packed for them to take home. Perhaps they do not encourage that here, I wouldn’t know.

We were given an order sheet to tick or to write after which we had to go to the cashier at the counter to pay. Even at those cheap coffee shops, we would be served all the way and there would not be any need for us to go through all that hassle. What was worse was the fact that they do not accept credit cards and I was so pissed off by that. “At those prices you charge, surely you do not expect people to bring that much cash and walk around with it all the time, do you?” I told the cashier to which she diplomatically replied, “You will have to talk to the boss.” End of story.

My missus had their seafood aglio olio (RM20.90)…

Seafood aglio olio

…which was very good, much nicer than my girl’s carbonara – one can only eat so much of the latter before one gets jelak. It was a bit too rich and creamy and unfortunately, the wild creamy mushroom soup (RM8.90)…

Mushroom soup

…that we also ordered was not in any way what its name claims it to be. It was so diluted, very watery, not rich and creamy at all. That is one thing here we would never want to order again…and I wonder what was so “wild” about the mushrooms used. I could detect the shitake in it, not much else.

The potato salad  (RM8.90)…

Potato salad

…was good except that there wasn’t much of it below all that beef bacon and the sprinkling of bottled parmesan cheese.

My order took a long time coming and those customers around us who came a lot later were getting theirs already so I called one of the girls to ask. She was not conversant in English so she quickly roped in the cashier to come to her rescue and the latter said yes, mine would take a little bit longer so I just sat and waited and finally it came – my grilled New Zealand lamb shoulder (RM24.90)…

Lamb shoulder

…which was all right just that I thought it could be grilled a little bit longer for the lovely charred fragrance plus it was so tough that I gave up wrestling with it using the knife and fork and picked up the pieces with my hands to tear the meat off the bone with my teeth. Thankfully, they were all still intact after all that, my teeth, that is!

I wasn’t all that impressed by the barbecue sauce that came with the dish either. Lamb would go so well with mint sauce or like at one place here, the very nice mint vinaigrette.

All in all, inclusive of our drinks, the total came up to RM102.10 and no, I did not leave a tip, not even the 90 sen change – that will be THREE takeaway boxes, mind you! My girl would probably drop by again to hang out with her friends – as for me, unless they work on it to become much better at what they are doing, I think I would be much happier going elsewhere.

C & C GALLERY is located at Lot 62 at the extreme end of the block of shops to the right of Delta Mall, back entrance.

Author: suituapui

Ancient relic but very young at heart. Enjoys food and cooking...and travelling and being with friends.

12 thoughts on “What could be better…”

  1. Unfortunately, they are not my kind of food but they do look good that much I can say. On another note, I do like their garlic bread.

    The garlic bread was good. Ah well, after all, this place is originally a bakery.

  2. Not so good, eh? I noticed that some places, the young ones love to flock there but the food is not all that outstanding. Perhaps we old timers have more discerning tastebuds hee…hee…

    Maybe…or perhaps they go to places with free wifi?

  3. I had pork carbonara yesterday. Beef bacon is more flavourful, I think.

    This is one of those serves-no-pork places. If it’s carbonara, it will be creamy and if it is too rich and creamy, I can’t take too much of it. I prefer aglio olio, no bolognese for me either, all tomato sauce.

  4. The seafood aglio olio only with two mussels, no fish or prawns?

    Unfortunately, those two would be all you’ll get. There were some small prawns buried in the pasta – at another place here, I think we got a pair of mussels too but the prawns were a whole lot bigger and there was squid too, no fish. Not a fan of fish at these places – they all use dory. Can’t remember the price at the other place so I can’t really make a comparison.

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