My little contribution…

My girl’s school had their Canteen Day, the PIGB (Parent-Teacher Association) annual fund-raising event, on Saturday and of course, I dropped by to have a look at what was going on.

Being a food and fun fair, there were stalls like this one…

Food stall

…selling Sarawak/Kuching laksa

Sarawak Kuching laksa

…and one selling curry and what not…

Cuury rice

…with rice, another selling fried popiah (spring rolls) and cucur (fried fritters) and one that seemed very popular…

BBQ stall

…selling all kinds of barbecued stuff…


Personally, I thought that for a fund-raising event, everything was way too cheap – the laksa, for instance, was only RM4.00 , 2 coupons, and the BBQ chicken wings were going for 4 for 5 coupons (RM10.00), only RM2.50 each and I also felt that there could have been more food stalls. Next year, if they are holding this again, I shall ask my girl to book a stall for me to sell some of my homecooked specialties as my contribution to the event.

Of course, there were games…


…and lots of lucky draws – there must have been a lot of prizes to be won as I saw a lot of people with prizes in their hands.

They invited these Cosplay characters…

Cosplay characters

…and anyone interested could have their selfies with them and donate a little something towards the fund.

I thought the karaoke was expensive, RM6.00 per song…

Karaoke booth

…but obviously, nobody cared as there was a long line waiting to get on stage and sing…

On stage

…to the crowd…


…in the hall.

This looked like a whole lot of fun, all the kids dancing on stage…


…led by one of the Cosplay characters.

Despite the fact that there wasn’t a lot to buy, my missus bought some of the food and for my little contribution, I bought this pot of succulents…


…for only RM12.00 and took it home.

Author: suituapui

Ancient relic but very young at heart. Enjoys food and cooking...and travelling and being with friends.

6 thoughts on “My little contribution…”

  1. As expected, for fund raising/Charity event, food will be more expensive and I don’t think people won’t mind a bit to do a litle contribution. The Sarawak laksa is cheaper than the karaoke.You have made a good choice to buy that pot of beautiful succulents.

    RM12 only, so cheap…and that’s a very big pot with so many in it…not like my two, I almost killed them from too much watering, nearly drowned to death. Now I gotta find a nice jar for the new ones, a dragon one perhaps.

    Ya…I went to a church one the other day – RM10 for one very nice own-made chang but of course, I did not mind, fund raising, to help the church. I was expecting that kind of prices here but no, everything’s so cheap.

  2. Lovely succulents.

    So much fun and merry going around there. I like going to such event but not squeezing with the crowds though.

    I was glad that it was not THAT crowded, could walk around comfortably…not like a recent church one – no place even to park the car and we just grabbed some things and ran off right away.

  3. I love food fairs! Oh, I am so looking forward to your stall next year hee..hee…

    I’m looking forward to it too – and no, I will not jack up the prices, make it affordable to all so they can enjoy what I have to offer, all for the fun of it.

  4. wah, looking at this makes me nostalgic for similar events back in my secondary school days. back then, i didn’t enjoy them and found them tedious, but now i feel almost wistful for them. we never know how to really appreciate our school life until it’s over 😉

    I can’t remember any such things in my school days – the Catholic Brothers – it was study…study…study…and sports and games. Can’t say I was into any of those. Hehehehehehe!!!!

  5. So many activities going around this fun fair, got food, got karaoke, got performance, so interesting. That time i bought some succulents from cameron highlands too and they died on me.

    You probably drowned them with too much watering. That was what I did to mine, killed all of them. LOL!!!

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