It’s your day today…

It was Andy’s birthday, Friday, the 27th of September and it sure made me very happy to be invited to the café to celebrate his special day.

Peter, the boss, went and got him this special high-fibre cheese cake…

Secret Recipe's high fibre cheese cake

…from that Malaysian cake franchise shop. It was very nice but it was near impossible to cut. With all those nuts and everything in it, it crumbled the moment the knife went through it…

Birthday boy

A friend of Andy’s brought him this chicken floss cake…

Chicken floss cake

– she said it was very nice, homemade, but it was not cut on the spot so I did not get to try it.

And that’s not all!!! A Kadazan friend in Sabah sent him these gifts…

Special delivery

…via special delivery. No, that tall and handsome guy is Andy’s friend, the chef at the Indian Muslim restaurant round the corner – he was only helping him to carry the gifts and I could see there was another cake from that same place where Peter got his and no, we did not get to eat that one either.

We couldn’t possibly eat so much cake at one go because we had all the Indian delights Andy brought back from India and we had the very special and so-very-nice mee sua

Happy birthday mee sua

…in the traditional Foochow red wine chicken soup plus an egg each, our customary symbolic wish for good health, wealth and longevity.

Thank you so much, Andy for the invitation! It sure looked like you had a great start to the year ahead – here’s wishing you once again the very best of everything. Cheers!!!

Author: suituapui

Ancient relic but very young at heart. Enjoys food and cooking...and travelling and being with friends.

6 thoughts on “It’s your day today…”

  1. Sure looks like Andy had a great time celebrating his birthday with all of you. Was it Peter who cook the mee sua for Andy? Everyone there had a bowl of mee sua or just the birthday boy? I think Andy needs a few days to finish all his cakes.

    Peter’s sister-in-law cooked the soup, Peter & staff cooked the noodles and eggs and served, Everyone had a bowl, friends, colleagues…and lucky customers who happened to drop by at the time. I guess the cakes did not last too long – they served all the customers a slice. Talk about being at the right place at the right time!

  2. That bowl of mee sua looks great. I was just too curious to know what is that special delivery from his Kadazan friend in Sabah.

    Happy Belated Birthday to Andy!!!

    Thanks. There was a watch plus the SR cake and the Ferrero Rocher bouquet, all in the photo came via special delivery.

  3. chicken floss cakes sound good – a blend of savoury and sweet! 🙂

    I was hoping they would cut it so I could try but unfortunately, they did not. Now I would have to live the rest of my life not knowing what it tastes like. LOL!!!

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