Going to India…

Andy went home to India a couple of weeks ago and Peter, the boss of Payung, went with him so the café was closed from the 6th till the 17th of September.

When they came back, Andy brought a whole lot of things from there including these Indian sweets…

Indian sweets 1

Somebody gave me some from the peninsula sometime ago but they were extremely sweet so I would not say I would want to go for them ever again.

These Made-in-India ones were very nice – I liked the pumpkin…

Indian sweets 2

…and the pineapple but they were just as sweet, very rich milky taste like they were made from condensed milk, undiluted.

I am sure many would be familiar with this…

Indian snack

I think it is a very popular Indian snack, more commonly found here, there and everywhere in the peninsula where there are a lot more Indians than here and these biscuits/cookies…


…were quite nice but they were what they were, cookies.

No, this chutney…


…did not come from India. Peter learnt how to make it from Andy’s mum and when he came back, he made his own. I did not like it initially, eaten with salted crackers but it sort of grew on me and after a few bites, I started to enjoy it very much. I do not know what went into the making other than coriander leaves and yogurt and I am pretty sure there was green chili too as it was slightly spicy.

No, these…

From Singapore, made in India

…did not come from India and no, they were not among the things Andy brought back. They were made in India, that much is true but we got them from my niece, the one working in Singapore, when she came home that day – obviously, she bought them there. My girl did try one box the other day, the masala rice and it was very nice, something like what I got from the airline the other day – I did try a bit and yes, it was good.

We enjoy palak paneer very much and sadly, we cannot get that at the Indian restaurants here – we sure are looking forward to giving that a try.

Author: suituapui

Ancient relic but very young at heart. Enjoys food and cooking...and travelling and being with friends.

7 thoughts on “Going to India…”

  1. I am interested to try the chutney with salted crackers.

    I did not like it when I tried, maybe because of the yogurt but the taste sort of grew on me and I started to enjoy it after a while.

  2. I believe those sweets are definitely made from condensed milk. Back in secondary school, my friend used to make a lot and bring to school and let us enjoy them. Young that time sure love to eat sweet sweets. now won’t be able to stand too sweet food. I love to eat palak paneer.

    Same here. We never had Indian sweets when small, can’t get those here, too few Indians. I probably would have loved them too when small.

  3. I don’t think I would enjoy those goodies as I don’t like sweet. Indian. Everything flavourful from sweet to spicy. Lol.

    I bet you love muruku, the favourite of many – that’s Indian too. I love the exotic spices in Indian cuisine, even in their Indian ginger tea. Love the fragrance!

  4. I am not much into Indian food. Having said that, I do enjoy eating my favourite muruku and roti canai though. Basically not the dishes especially the hot and spicy ones.

    Word has it that roti canai is not really Indian, unlike thosai, naan and the rest and North Indian is not spicy at all, just the rich fragrances of the spices used in the cooking. Definitely not so bland like Chinese, mostly msg…or Japanese.

  5. I thought you were going to India hee..hee… Indian sweets are very sweet so it’s not something that I can appreciate.

    Yes, too sweet for me too. They would have been nice if they could just kurang manis sikit.

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